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Announcing SkypeKit for Desktop with Video Calling

We opened up SkypeKit in June to accelerate Skype's presence in the consumer electronics industry. While the response from developers was overwhelmingly positive, there were still calls for SkypeKit to allow for the development of desktop applications with integrated Skype… Read more

SkypeKit Partner Spotlight: Tely Labs

Overview From the team that built SonicWALL, Generation Systems and Code Green Networks from the ground up, Tely Labs is building an innovative new business around the Skype platform. The company was founded in 2010 by Sreekanth Ravi (President… Read more

Skype CEO Tony Bates talks about making Skype video calling ubiquitous

In the following video, Tony Bates talks about Skype's leadership in video calling and recaps some important milestones over the past few weeks. He highlights today's news about Facebook video calling powered by Skype, and shares Skype's broader multi-platform strategy… Read more

SkypeKit – ab sofort allen Entwicklern zugänglich

Ende letzten Jahres haben wir die 5-Milliarden-Grenze überschritten: 5 Milliarden mit dem Internet verbundene Geräte. Etwa zur selben Zeit sagten die Marktanalysten von IMS Research vorher, dass die Zahl der Internet-Geräte bis zum Jahr 2020 auf 22 Milliarden ansteigen werde…. Read more