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Сила самовыражения: обновления Skype для Android, iPhone и обновление Qik


Смайлы стали неотъемлемой частью Skype так давно, что уже и не вспомнишь, и мы прекрасно понимаем, как важна возможность выразить свою мысль не только текстом или видео. Мы выпустили обновление сразу для нескольких наших приложений, чтобы дать вам больше прекрасных возможностей для самовыражения. И для того, чтобы повеселиться Skype 5.3 для Android В версии Skype … Read more

Frühjahrsputz bei Skype – zwischen Tablet, Downloads und neuen Features


In jedem Jahr steht er an: der Frühjahrsputz. Wir räumen die Wohnung auf, pflanzen neue Blumen, der Kleiderschrank wird ausgemistet und wir schaffen in unserer Umgebung eine frische, angenehme Atmosphäre, die für neuen Schwung sorgt. Aber nicht nur in Wohnzimmer und Kleiderschrank sollten wir klar Schiff machen – ein kleiner Frühjahrsputz ist auch für euren … Read more

7 reasons to sweat it out over Skype


Skype Moment Maker and personal trainer Nick Cameron has been training people using Skype video calling for quite a while now. Here he tells us his top seven reasons why taking part in the fitness revolution from your living room is the way to go. You can also catch him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. … Read more

你好! Ciao! Ora Skype Translator parla Italiano e Mandarino

Skype vuole rendere più semplici le connessioni tra le persone in tutto il mondo, non importa dove esse si trovino o che lingua parlino. Nel mese di dicembre abbiamo presentato la prima fase del programma di preview di Skype Translator e oggi siamo lieti di annunciare la prossima tappa di Skype Translator, la disponibilità di … Read more

Express Yourself: New updates for Skype on Android, iPhone and Qik


Skype has had emoticons for as long as we can remember, so we understand as well as anyone how important it is to be able to express yourself with more than plain text… or plain video. Today we’re rolling out updates to a few of our mobile apps to give you more ways to express … Read more

Come condividere le vostre foto con Skype dal vostro smartphone

La primavera è ormai arrivata, e, come tutti gli anni, porta con sé la voglia di inizi e nuove avventure. Quale momento migliore per scoprire un territorio inesplorato!? Per questo, vogliamo darvi alcuni suggerimenti su come inviare foto con Skype direttamente dal vostro cellulare. Inviare una foto con Skype per Windows Phone Avviate Skype. Selezionate … Read more

Healthy Doses of Skype Motivation

Look, we get it. Sometimes the grind is a little less ‘seize the day’ and a little more ‘snooze away.’ Lucky for you, we’ve got Coach Troy on Skype. (Whistle, toothpick, and warranted intensity included.) Coach comes from a long line of push-up enthusiasts, and specializes in shaking sleepyheads such as yourself out of bed, … Read more

Partagez vos photos sur Skype depuis votre mobile

Même si cela ne se voit pas forcément tout de suite, le printemps est là ! Nous avons tous espoir que les beaux jours reviennent rapidement. En attendant, Skype s’efforce de vous faire découvrir des fonctionnalités que vous n’avez peut-être pas encore essayées afin de vous rapprocher de vos amis. Aujourd’hui, nous vous donnons toutes … Read more

Skype 7.6 for Mac

Today we’re pleased to release Skype 7.6 for Mac with improved performance and better usability when you need to send a longer message. We’ve increased the maximum height of the chat input field to let you see more lines of text at once. The full list of features, fixes and improvements includes: Features and Improvements … Read more

Mr. March tests his luck this St. Patrick’s Day

mr march

Sure, it all started as a religious day of feasting for the patron saint of Ireland. But nowadays, St. Patrick’s Day features international festivals, set on praising all things Irish via parades, dancing and debauchery, and everything green. While we couldn’t catch an actual Leprechaun, we found Mr. March (clad in all green and clutching … Read more

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