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Keeping in Touch with Family Abroad for the Holidays

Samir was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. He had never spent any significant time away from the city until he moved to Los Angeles last year to start his own personal fitness training business. Although he is more… Read more

How Skype Helps Santa Make Christmas Happen

Santa Claus, Saint Nick, Kris Kringle – however you refer to him, this is certainly the time of year when everyone wants to know what’s going on in his world. With a workshop in the North Pole to run, elves… Read more

Приложения Skype для iPhone и iPad пользователи скачали более 120 миллионов раз. Сегодня мы готовы представить вам новые версии этих приложений

По данным недавнего исследования Gartner, объём мировых продаж «умных устройств», к которым относятся смартфоны и планшеты, по итогам текущего года достигнет 821 миллиона штук, а в 2013 году приблизится к цифре 1.2 миллиарда. Учитывая растущую популярность мобильных телефонов и планшетов,… Read more

Skype alcanza más de 120 millones de descargas para iPhone y para iPad y lanza una nueva versión

Según los datos publicados recientemente por Gartner, este año 2012 se alcanzará la cifra de 821 millones de dispositivos inteligentes vendidos, entre los que se incluyen tabletas y smartphones, llegando a los 1,2 mil millones en 2013. La utilización de… Read more

Un médico usa Skype para apoyar a un hospital rural en África

La primera vez que el Dr Maneesh Batra oyó hablar del hospital rural “Kiwoko” de Uganda fue a través de una enfermera mientras trabajan en el turno de noche del hospital infantil de Seattle. Era el año 2002 y Maneesh… Read more

Exchange Student Asks for Skype Gift Cards for the Holidays

Clara is a junior at the Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington. Her focus is on international development and – right after the holidays – she is going get some new insight into her major as… Read more

Skype for iPhone and iPad Hits over 120 Million Downloads and Releases New Versions

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of our latest update (version 4.2.1) to Skype for iPhone and Skype for iPad. Following a recent release that supported the larger iPhone 5 screen and fixed several bugs, the new version includes some of the most requested features from our users on both iPhone and iPad. Read more

Teachers, Enter our Santa in the Classroom Contest: Educators Can Win $10,000 in Technology Products and a Call with Santa for Their Classrooms

We are very proud that Skype’s technology helps enable amazing learning experiences for students across the globe. From explorer Mark Wood connecting classrooms in Nepal and Tsunami-damaged Japan for an environmental discussion to students getting a chance to learn from NASA and even surprise video calls from NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal, Skype in the classroom empowers teachers to bring truly remarkable experiences to their schools. Read more

Pro Travelers’ Top Three Skype Travel Tips

Travelling during the holiday season is incredibly common. While the holidays are ostensibly about eating and relaxing with family – the travel itself can inject a fair amount of stress into your vacation. We reached out to a bunch of… Read more

Skype Gift Cards Keep Grandson in Touch Over the Holidays

Annie lives in Miami. In recent years, her family has mushroomed from just her son and daughter to include their spouses and now four grandchildren divided between Miami and Memphis. While Annie usually spends Thanksgiving weekend with her son’s family… Read more

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