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Skype 6.3 for Mac

Today we have released a new version of Skype for Mac. In this release, we have worked on improving the quality of the overall user experiences. New features and improvements in Skype 6.3 for Mac include: See a slideshow of other participants in a group call when you are the current speaker New In-Call DTMF dial … Read more

A Skype fan from the UK shares tips for Mother’s Day gift ideas

We’ve been hunting for tips on what to get for Mother’s Day, this Sunday March 10, and we wanted to share this email, from Jean Davis in Buckinghamshire in the UK. Dear Skype, My son is going to Skype call me on Mother’s Day, as usual and so I wanted to share my tip with … Read more

Managing your group chats like a boss

Group chats are great for keeping everyone updated on the latest goings on. At work I use group chats for everything, from introducing people with a shared interest, to planning where to go for lunch. Skype has a range of options for managing your group chats, here I will give you some advanced tips on … Read more

Actualizarse de Windows Live Messenger a Skype

¡Windows Live Messenger y Skype se unirán pronto! No solo vas a poder mantener todos tus contactos en la misma plataforma, sino que además, esta unión te permitirá descubrir nuevas funcionalidades y beneficios. Te dejamos algunas de las nuevas características de las que vas a poder disfrutar con Skype en el escritorio de Windows. Skype, … Read more

Chords, Keys and Lyrics Composed via Skype

Singer-songwriter Megan Redmond.

Denver, Colorado: it’s not exactly a hotbed of the music industry.  But 17-year old singer-songwriter Megan Redmond isn’t the type of person to let geography stand in her way.  Although she was born in Denver, because of her passion for music and songwriting, her parents decided to move her to Nashville, TN when she was … Read more

Skype проведет бесплатные групповые видеозвонки для учителей в поддержку чтения во Всемирный день чтения вслух.

Skype проводит кампанию «Читаем вслух через Skype» в поддержку Международного дня чтения вслух и предоставляет бесплатные групповые звонки для учителей, участвующих в проекте «Skype в классе», которые раньше были доступны лишь подписчикам Skype Premium. ( Проект «Skype в классе» открывает перед юными жителями нашей планеты большие перспективы. Он позволяет обогатить учебный процесс за счёт прямого … Read more

Los usuarios nos muestran cómo Skype ha cambiado sus vidas

El trabajo, la aventura, el amor, etc. Hay muchos motivos que hacen de Skype una herramienta de uso cotidiano. En ese uso diario encontramos historias personales que son emotivas, diferentes y divertidas y, lo más importante, que son posibles gracias a Skype. Hoy queremos compartir tres historias que nos han gustado mucho, agradecemos a los … Read more

Upgrading from Windows Live Messenger to Skype

Upgrade from Windows Live Messenger to Skype

Windows Live Messenger and Skype will be coming together soon! Not only will you be able to keep all your contacts together, but you’ll also be able to score some great new benefits in the process. Here are just a few of the fantastic features coming your way on Skype for Windows desktop. Skype allows … Read more

Celebrating World Read Aloud Day: Our Global Reading Initiative and Free Group Video Calling for Teachers

Book Club

I love to read and I love stories. I was called a bookworm as a kid, because once I cracked open a book, I just couldn’t put it down until it was done! And, now, I watch with delight when my 12 year old daughter does the same. The hairy feet of a Hobbit. The … Read more


曾幾何時,透過Skype面試是一件新奇的事。現在巳變得越來越普及,更進而引發起一系列討論探討Skype的禮儀,及如何在Skype視頻通話中留下最好印象。 外界有許多人自稱為專家, 而Skype全球招聘經理James Gould以及Skype Read more

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