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College Bound? Keep Your BFFs Close

Graduating  from High School? Keep Your BFFs Close with Skype Dancing with your best friends at prom. Senior Cut Day. The moment you and your classmates toss your caps in the air at graduation. Some of the most precious moments are shared with friends – and as you embark upon your summer vacation, the realization of … Read more

Gli scienziati risolvono i misteri dell’Universo e comunicano grazie a Skype

Chi di voi sa esattamente che cosa è un bosone di Higgs? Non è un nome di fantasia, ma piuttosto il pezzo mancante di un puzzle che i fisici hanno messo insieme pazientemente in mezzo secolo di lavoro e che potrebbe essere la più grande scoperta scientifica del nostro tempo. Folcloristicamente soprannominato «particella di Dio», … Read more

Videosõnumitega saad olla olemas millal iganes, kus iganes.

Skype’i eesmärgiks on hoida inimesi üksteisele lähedal, kuid isegi parim tehnoloogia ei suuda lahendada probleemi liiga tihedate ajagraafikute või vastamata kõnede puhul. Kas on olnud hetki, kui oled soovinud öelda lastele: „Head ööd“, kuid oled hoopis reisil ja lennukis kõrgel taeva kohal? Või oled tahtnud soovida isale sünnipäevaks õnne, kuid ei leia õiget hetke? Või … Read more

Cattura ogni momento, ovunque, grazie ai video messaggi

Skype è lo strumento ideale per restare in contatto con le persone più care. Anche la migliore tecnologia, però, non può risolvere alcuni inconvenienti.  Esempio: avete voglia di fare la buonanotte ai vostri bambini mentre siete in viaggio e, magari, in quel particolare momento sarete in volo? Vorreste augurare al vostro papà un buon compleanno, … Read more

Avec la messagerie vidéo, restez en contact où que vous soyez, quand vous le voulez

Skype permet aux gens de rester proches. Mais même la meilleure technologie ne peut pas résoudre les problèmes de plannings trop chargés ou d’appels manqués. Vous voulez dire bonne nuit à vos enfants mais à l’heure du coucher vous serez dans un avion ? Vous devez souhaiter un joyeux anniversaire à votre père, mais vous … Read more

Skype Video Messaging – Catch Up Whenever, Wherever

Video Messaging

Skype is all about keeping people close — but even the best technology can’t solve the problem of busy schedules or missed calls. Want to say goodnight to your kids while traveling, but you’ll be up in the air? Need to wish your dad a happy birthday, but can’t seem to catch up? Spot something interesting … Read more

Musician Performs Personalized Concerts via Skype

Indie musician Jhameel catapulted to the top of the Hype Machine Popular Charts with the help of his enthusiastic fan base. Jhameel immerses his listeners in synthesized melodies, thought provoking lyrics and vocals inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson and Prince. Based in Los Angeles, California, he does it all – produces, sings, writes … Read more


Elizabeth Stone 曾经说过:“生儿育女是一个重要并且谨慎的决定。这意味着你一生的精力将跳出个人层面,全都献给你身边的人。”母亲节不但是一个让我们向自己人生中最举足轻重的女性致以感谢的好机会,更让我们理解母亲如何带我们来到这个世 Read more

What’s Your Dad’s Best Joke?

As we gear up for Father’s Day, we’d like to celebrate all things dad, including their… shall we say unique sense of humor. Whether your Dad’s jokes make you laugh or groan, submit one of his best, along with a photo of you both together to our Facebook app. We’ll be highlighting our favorites throughout the week, so … Read more

A Tale of Landlines, Mobiles and Group Calls

Skype is great for group calling, whether it’s audio only or you’re enjoying group video calls. You might also know that with Skype you can get great rates on making calls to landlines and mobiles. But wait, there’s more! Did you know that you can combine both of those things and have group calls that … Read more

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