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Skype in the classroom Cures Summeritis in Kids

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As the school year winds down, ‘summeritis’ is hitting classrooms across the country. The symptoms include restless kids, a lack of attention, and a longing to be outside. Luckily, there is an Rx. Field trips and virtual visitors are a perfect way for teachers to sneak in some education without kids picking up on it. … Read more

Skype per Windows 8 migliora il supporto per i video in HD

Skype ha rilasciato un nuovo aggiornamento di Skype per Windows 8 che migliora i tuoi video in alta definizione (HD). Per avere maggiori informazioni leggi tutti i dettagli qui sotto: Migliorato il supporto video HD Abbiamo aggiunto il supporto per i video in alta definizione in alcuni scenari. A seconda della videocamera di chi intende fare … Read more

Skype for Windows 8 Gets Enhanced HD Video Support

We’ve released new version of Skype for Windows 8 that improves your high definition (HD) video and sharing experience. Read more specifics about the update below: Enhanced HD Video Support We’ve added support for HD video in select scenarios. Depending on the sender’s camera, available network bandwidth and the receiver’s setup on x86 devices, callers … Read more

What’s it Like to Work for Vogue? Syracuse Students Get the Inside Scoop!

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Most college students would do (almost) anything for a chance to talk to experts in their field. After all, nothing beats that kind of real world contact. For the lucky kids in Zandile Blay’s Fashion and Beauty Journalism course at Syracuse University, Skype makes it happen – helping Blay bring journalists from Vogue, Marie Claire, The … Read more

La scuola 2.0: a Milano nasce il progetto “Genitori in video”

È partito il progetto «Genitori in video», promosso dal Comune di Milano con Microsoft nell’ambito del piano per la conciliazione vita-lavoro e in partenza in via sperimentale al liceo linguistico Manzoni, liceo frequentato soprattutto da studenti non provenienti da Milano. Sarà possibile effettuare i colloqui via Skype: la scuola mette a disposizione le attrezzature tecniche … Read more

Skype и Lync: налаживая связь между гостиной и залом заседаний

Автор: Джиованни Мезгек (Giovanni Mezgec), директор по маркетингу продукции в подразделении Skype  Сегодня мы рады сообщить о том, что пользователи Skype и Lync по всему миру теперь смогут общаться друг с другом, используя эти платформы. С появлением возможности взаимодействия между сетями Lync и Skype, пользователи Skype смогут расширить круг общения с коллегами, партнерами и заказчиками, … Read more

Animate le vostre conversazioni di Skype con le emoticon nascoste

Il bello di Skype è che anche le tue conversazioni testuali con gli amici lontani possono trasformarsi da noiose a divertenti grazie all’utilizzo delle emoticon. Ovviamente, non stiamo parlando delle solite faccine che utilizzate quotidianamente ormai da anni ma di quelle nascoste, capaci di venir fuori soltanto digitando determinate combinazioni di lettere e segni sulla … Read more

Skype ja Lync: Ühendame elutoa nõupidamisteruumiga

Meil on hea meel teatada, et tänasest saavad Skype’i ja Lync’i kasutajad üle maailma suhelda üksteisega sõltumata kasutatavast platvormist. Lync-Skype ühendamise abil saavad Skype’i kasutajad ühenduda enda kolleegite, partnerite ja klientidega, kes kasutavad Microsofti kommunikatsiooniplatvormi Lync. Lync ühitab telefoni- ja videokõned, Lynci koosolekud, kohaloleku ja kiirsõnumside (IM) ühes hõlpsalt kasutatavas kliendis ja on kasutusel rohkem … Read more

3 Questions for the World’s Most Tech Savvy Professor

Virginia Tech Professor, John Boyer, may look the part with his pipe and array of sport coats, but the average academic doesn’t have a digital alter-ego named The Plaid Avenger. What truly makes this Geography professor stand out is his mission to “motivate, educate, and inspire students to be fully engaged in the rapidly globalizing 21st … Read more

Skype and Windows Phone 8: A Match Made in Heaven

Skype for Windows Phone 8 is one of the most beautiful ways to enjoy the Skype experience. If you have a Windows Phone 8 device and haven’t installed Skype on it yet, you can get it in the app store. If you’re new to Skype on Windows Phone or you’re not sure you’re getting the most … Read more

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