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First Skype Call Atop Mt. Everest Raises Thousands for Charity

Daniel Hughes has a seemingly perfect life: he’s young, charming, happily married, has a nice home in London and a great career as a commercial airline pilot. However, during a 2010 trip in South America, he met destitute Bolivian children weakened by malnutrition and realized that he had to get out of his comfort zone … Read more

Riscrivere le storie dei film grazie a Skype

Oggi parliamo di cinema e rendiamo omaggio a dieci pellicole famose mostrandovi la differenza che ci sarebbe nella storia narrata se Skype fosse stato  uno degli  attori in scena. Skype è uno strumento che permette di rimanere in contatto con amici e parenti, tramite videochiamate o messaggistica istantanea, da PC o cellulare. Ma nei film, … Read more

Xbox One专用Skype 让你安坐家中与亲友分享体验

很高兴为大家介绍Xbox One专用版Skype。通过首次运用群组视频通讯及Snap(快速切换)等创新的功能,你就能够与身在别处的亲友“一起”玩Xbox游戏、使用应用程序,以及收看电视节目。 无论是日常与朋友聚首、享受最爱的游戏带来的乐趣、 Read more

Xbox One專用Skype 讓你安坐家中與親友分享體驗

很高興為大家介紹Xbox One專用Skype。首次透過群組視像通話及Snap(快速切換)等創新功能,你就能夠與身在別處的親友「一起」玩Xbox遊戲、使用應用程式,以及收看電視節目。 無論是日常與朋友聚首、享受最愛遊戲帶來的樂趣、欣賞足球比 Read more

Farmacisti e medici incontrano i pazienti via Skype

Nell’era di Internet una domanda sorge spontanea: esistono dei dottori o farmacisti che praticano sedute online o danno consigli via Skype? In Inghilterra è già in uso, i medici inglesi infatti possono “curare” i loro pazienti attraverso una videochiamata via Skype. Nel nostro paese invece questa pratica non è ancora diffusissima ma già alcuni dottori … Read more

Skype, Facebook et… vous !

En France nous avons 150 amis en moyenne sur Facebook, il est donc urgent de lier votre compte Skype à votre compte Facebook si ce n’est déjà fait ! En effet, Skype et Facebook sont beaucoup plus liés qu’on peut le penser, puisque vous pouvez parler en messagerie instantané et appeler vos amis Facebook depuis … Read more

The Magic of Skype Plays an Integral Role in Reconnecting Displaced Refugees

The moment when we discover our destiny is huge. For David Mikkelsen and his brother Christopher, this moment came through a chance encounter in Denmark with a young Afghan refugee named Mansour. Following the meeting, the brothers worked feverishly for four months, sifting through paperwork and cold-calling government agencies for information about Mansour’s brother. Success came … Read more

Harvard contrata a un científico español por Skype

Enrique Martin Gayo, biólogo español, especializado en la rama de laboratorio estaba decidido a trabajar en su área y dada la difícil situación laboral en España se vio obligado a buscar trabajo fuera.  Buscando el post doctorado, vio una plaza para un proyecto anunciada en la revista  Nature Jobs que encajaba perfectamente con su perfil. … Read more

Stay Together with Skype – Tell Your Story for a Chance to Win!

From dads to grandmas, aunts to in-laws, kids to cousins and beyond, family members of all kinds (including pets) are staying in touch over Skype every day. Skype keeps families close, ensuring that whether near or far, relatives can always come together for the moments that matter most. To help us capture the special family … Read more

5 Skype Tips for Parents

A face-to-face Skype call can go a long way to make you feel more connected while you’re away from home. For moms and dads who travel, fussy kids and packed schedules can get in the way of a fun and enjoyable catch up. Here are some great tips to make sure your calls go off … Read more

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