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Historias de mujeres de éxito inspiradas por Skype

Siempre hay una historia detrás de una mujer de éxito y estamos orgullosos de haber comprobado que, en ocasiones, Skype ha jugado un papel importante en ella. Historias inspiradoras de mujeres que han logrado triunfar. Historias que nos hablan de tesón, esfuerzo, valentía, motivación, amor propio, confianza, pasión y fe, y que son un ejemplo … Read more

Skype per da oggi disponibile in tutto il mondo

Skype è lieta di annunciare la disponibilità a livello mondiale di Skype per L’anno scorso abbiamo lanciato una versione solo per alcuni selezionati mercati e ora siamo entusiasti di festeggiare questo importante traguardo con i nostri clienti in tutto il mondo. Abbiamo anche apportato alcuni miglioramenti che renderanno l’esperienza migliore. Grazie a Skype per … Read more

“The Modern Woman Is a Person Who Pursues Her Dreams”

Kine pic 2

In honor of International Women’s Day, Skype celebrates women, all women: professionals and stay-at-home moms, single and married, from Honolulu to Paris to Tokyo. The status of women in society and industry is in steady evolution. That said, traditionally male career fields, like engineering, still only count a small percentage of female pioneers among their … Read more

3 Women Changing the World Through Technology

On Saturday we will celebrate International Women’s Day. This year’s theme of “Inspiring Change” encourages advocacy for women’s advancement everywhere, in every way. At Microsoft, we are celebrating women who have and will change the world through technology with a particular focus on those who are inspiring more women to get involved in science, technology, … Read more

Cómo sacar todo el partido de Skype para

En un post reciente respondimos a la pregunta “¿Qué es Skype?” como respuesta a comentarios que escuchamos muy a menudo. En ese post expliqué que no utilizábamos Skype en el navegador, pero eso no es la historia completa. Si utilizas el mail de puedes enviar mensajes instantáneos y hacer llamadas de video y de … Read more

Words Come To Life When Students And Authors Read Together Via Skype

The ritual of reading out loud is a special one for both children and parents.  As mother to two boys, my memories of snuggling with them on the couch reading stories before bed are precious. Going from being narrator to my insistent audience (“Again! Again! But make the villain sound more evil”), to helping them … Read more

Starting a Skype Call on a Different Foot

It’s human nature to pay the least attention to the things you do the most. How to start a Skype call is a great example of this. It’s so easy to do, you might think you know all about it already. Today I’m going to change that with some tips for starting a call in … Read more

Skype делает людей по всему миру ближе, теперь через почтовый ящик

Сегодня мы с радостью объявляем о том, что приложение Skype для теперь доступно по всему миру. Мы выпустили пробную версию на отдельные рынки в прошлом году , а сейчас мы отмечаем этот знаменательный момент со своими клиентами по всему миру. Мы также усовершенствовали приложение, так что теперь Вы сможете пользоваться им с еще большим … Read more

Skype Brings the World Closer Together, One Inbox at a Time

Today we are excited to announce the worldwide availability of Skype for We began rolling out a preview version to select markets last year, and now we’re excited to celebrate this milestone with our customers around the world. We’ve also made some improvements that will make your experience even better. With Skype for, … Read more

Rule-breaking Entrepreneurs, Celebrate With Us and Be Recognized!

As a proud sponsor of the Rule Breaker Awards, we encourage you to join us in celebrating the entrepreneurs that are rewriting the ways in which business is done. Entrepreneurs dream.  Entrepreneurs take risks.  Entrepreneurs see things that others don’t. We understand this because it’s in our DNA, too.  Skype started as a simple yet … Read more

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