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Skype Supports Clinton Foundation to Empower Girls and Young Women

Skype in the Classroom gives students a chance to participate in transformative learning experiences by virtually connecting with guest speakers and other classrooms around the globe.  Without leaving the walls of their school, students enjoy the diversity of cultural exchange, discussing in real time how global issues are impacting our world.  On April 17, four … Read more

Hop on Skype for an Easter Eggstravaganza

The Easter egg hunt is a timeless tradition celebrated by children of all ages across the world.  This year, invite relatives to share in the fun — no matter where they live — with Skype. Grandma and grandpa can send your child scrambling on an egg-hunt they planned from miles away. You can watch your … Read more

Пасхальный Skype

Пасха – это светлый, добрый, семейный праздник, который очень широко отмечается во многих странах мира (в 2014 году пасха отмечается 20 апреля, в воскресенье). Перед Пасхой принято делать генеральную уборку в доме, мыть окна, вешать чистые занавески. Существует даже специальное «пасхальное расписание», где указано, когда и чем следует заниматься всю неделю перед Пасхой. Приготовления  следует закончить к Страстной … Read more

Win With the Great Skype Easter Egg Hunt

What’s Easter without an Easter egg hunt? At Skype we love searching for the colorful eggs as much as anybody. But this year we’ve put a twist on the classic egg hunt. The Easter Bunny has hopped around Skype’s social profiles and hidden 5 “eggmoticons”. They’ve been scattered across our Facebook, @Skype Twitter, @SkypeMoments Twitter, … Read more

Students Stand Atop Glacier Through Skype

Glacier 1

Eyjafjallajökull is the most complex name that you may just recognize. If it does ring a bell, that’s because it’s the ice-capped volcano that erupted in Iceland in 2010, shutting down air traffic across Europe and stranding millions of passengers worldwide.   Students from the US and UK recently visited the glacier atop the infamous volcano and saw, with their own eyes, how the ice is … Read more

Is The Winter Soldier the Best Marvel Movie Villain?

Brubaker headshot

Ed Brubaker, the writer of the Captain America comic from 2004-2012 and creator of the Winter Soldier character, talks about why this bad guy is resonating with audiences around the world. As super-villains go, Loki is arguably the best-known Marvel movie baddie these days. But when a bunch of hardcore Marvel enthusiasts got together on … Read more

Making Moments: My Amazing Month as Skype’s Film Ambassador

Our Film Brand Ambassador, Georgia Benjamin, spent the month of March reporting from movie events of both sides of the Atlantic. In her own words, this is how she made some unforgettable Skype Moments in the last few weeks: March 2014 has been an incredible month. As Skype’s Film Brand Ambassador not only did I … Read more

Skype 1.3 for Xbox One: Show the Real You

Xbox 1.3

We’re continuing to roll out updates to the Skype app on Xbox One*, with version 1.3 available early next week. As you saw last month, we continue to listen to your feedback and to focus on your top requested enhancements that make your Skype experience on Xbox One even better. We know that your Skype profile … Read more

Skype propose une nouvelle solution pour les professionnels de l’audiovisuel

Tous les jours devant notre poste de télévision, ou en écoutant la radio, nous pouvons entendre des journalistes partout dans le monde préciser qu’ils sont « en direct sur Skype » : recueil de témoignage, interview d’un envoyé spécial, reportages lors de catastrophes naturelles ou de conflits, Skype permet bien souvent aux journalistes du monde … Read more

Skype предлагает новое решение для телестудий и радиостанций


Сегодня мы рады представить новое решение для телестудий и радиостанций, пользующихся услугами Skype, которое станет доступно для них в следующем году. Это предложение стало возможным благодаря тому, что не так давно корпорация Microsoft приобрела компанию Cat and Mouse, нашего давнего партнера в сфере вещания. Мы использовали существующую технологию этой компании для обеспечения высококачественной интеграции аппаратного … Read more

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