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Skype, una herramienta imprescindible en San Valentín

Decía el poeta chileno Pablo Neruda que “Conocer el amor de los que amamos es el fuego que alimenta la vida”. Pero ¿cómo mantener vivas esas manifestaciones de amor cuando la pareja no puede estar junta? Muchas historias de amor empiezan, se desarrollan y se mantienen vivas gracias a la imaginación, la creatividad y el … Read more

Skype’s Enhanced Chat Experience

improved chat 2

With the technical improvements previewed in the course of building our mobile future, more and more people can now comfortably take Skype with them on the go.  Skype chat is a huge part of that future, so today we’re excited to share news about a range of enhancements to our chat experience. We know that … Read more

Skype for Modern Windows 2.5: Get Closer to People and Hear Less Noise

Today we have released Skype for modern Windows version 2.5. With this version we focused on improving your contacts experience and adjusting sounds. Here’s what’s new: New add people option– we’ve added the ability to add contacts from the people page. To add someone, just select the icon below, type in a name, email address, … Read more

The Love Doctor Will See You Now…On Skype

Skype Valentine's Day_February 2014

With Valentine’s Day coming up, many people’s thoughts turn to love. That said, love is always on our minds and is, arguably, the greatest human fixation. It has been the subject of countless movies, books, songs, and poems over the years. And, if you believe certain legends, it has also launched a few wars. Love … Read more

Как отпраздновать День Святого Валентина на расстоянии?

Skype Valentine's Day_February 2014

Всегда непросто сохранить любовь, когда вас разделяют большие расстояния. Каждый пятый человек на планете в этом году будет вынужден встречать День Святого Валентина вдали от своей половинки. Стремясь сохранить любовь, многие пары активно пользуются Skype для общения друг с другом. Накануне Дня Всех Влюбленных Skype подготовил интересную статистику: в январе 2014 года компания Idea Lab … Read more

Ideas para San Valentín que ayudan a tu bolsillo

El día de San Valentín no tiene precio, aun así cada año se gastan billones en demostraciones de amor. Los que no pueden permitirse grandes gastos no deben estresarse. Andrea Syrtash, experta en citas y relaciones y autora de “Engaña a tu marido (con tu marido)”, nos propone múltiples maneras de hacer que el Día … Read more

You Don’t Need an Office to Run a Modern Business

When Colorado native Travis Katz was working in London in 2006, he and his wife used the city as a jumping off point to explore Europe and beyond. “We found it incredibly difficult to plan a trip online or with guidebooks,” he says. “It often took days of organizing, and we still ended up feeling … Read more

Skype à la rescousse des couples installés dans une relation longue-distance

Avec la mondialisation et la disparition de la plupart des frontières, il est devenu très facile de voyager et de plus en plus de gens ont pris l’habitude de partir vivre à l’étranger pour étudier ou pour des raisons professionnelles. Dans de telles situations, ils ont parfois dû quitter – physiquement – leur moitié. A … Read more

Teaching Math to the Blind – with Lync & Skype

WA state school for the blind

It isn’t easy for schools to find qualified math teachers. And for schools like The Washington State School for the Blind, it is even harder to hire math instructors who have experience with visually impaired students or teach Nemeth Braille Code for blind students. Sherry Hahn, the Digital Research and Development Coordinator for The Washington … Read more

Love Live Music? Check Out Ones to Watch

Walk off the Earth

There’s nothing as exciting as seeing music live. The anticipation and buzz in the air, the moment when your favorite artist takes the stage, the sheer joy you feel when they play your favorite song – going to live gigs is awesome. We want to make sure that music fans have access to everything exciting … Read more

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