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How to Call Mexico on Skype


We live in an ever-smaller world in which our siblings, cousins and best friends don’t just live across town but across international borders. We love hearing from so many of you about how our software helps you keep in touch with the people who are most important to you, no matter where they live. And, … Read more

Skype 5.2 for iPhone: Voice Messaging Support and Profiles Are Back!

We have been reading and listening to your feedback ever since we launched the new remastered Skype for iPhone and have been hard at work incorporating your suggestions. With Skype 5.1 for iPhone we included the ability to delete a conversation, edit a message and added a “Skype”-only contact filter, to name a few. Today, … Read more

Saca todo el partido a Skype para iPhone 5

Con el lanzamiento de Skype 5 para iPhone, ya adelantamos algunas de las novedades de esta nueva versión. En este post vamos a ver un poco más de lo que puedes hacer con Skype 5 para iPhone Crear un nuevo grupo para chatear Los chats en grupo no son una experiencia nueva en Skype, aunque … Read more

Which nation will reign supreme? Football experts debate in a Skype group video call

GVC snip_2

Who would win in a fútbol match between Brazil and Argentina? Which player will have the most goals this tournament? Which are the up-and-coming teams to watch over the next years? These are just a few of the topics debated among global football (soccer, for the Americans and Aussies out there) experts on a recent … Read more

Bewerbungsgespräche via Skype sparen Unternehmen Zeit und Geld

Der Einstellungsprozess hat sich in der letzten Zeit in vielen Unternehmen rasch weiter entwickelt. Es ist in einigen Berufssparten nicht auszuschließen, dass der Arbeitgeber Bewerber vom anderen Ende des Landes, Kontinents oder sogar Planeten rekrutiert. Auf der Suche nach talentierten und gut ausgebildeten Leuten wurde der Arbeitsmarkt – und damit auch der Bewerbungsprozess – in … Read more

Cambiando las reglas del Motocross femenino

Si tenemos que hablar de deportes en los que los hombres son el sexo mayoritario e incluso puede encontrarse machismo el Motocross no está muy alejado de la NFL, el fútbol o el boxeo. “En la actualidad, la industria del motocross no se orienta hacia las mujeres en absoluto”, dice Makenzi Wassenaar, fundadora de Motocross … Read more

The Ones To Watch with Skype Tour welcomes MKTO

What would you say to your favorite music artist if you had the chance to talk to them? If you’ve ever wanted to chat with some of the hottest acts in music, the Ones To Watch with Skype tour is giving you the chance to make this dream a reality. With the help of Skype, … Read more

Classrooms Become a Virtual Fish Tank with Fabien Cousteau

Fabien Cousteau, world-famous oceanographic explorer, is making history with his Mission 31 exploration, and giving thousands of students around the world the ultimate field trip through Skype in the classroom. Fabien’s latest exploration pays homage to his grandfather, Jacques Cousteau, and the successful attempt at saturation diving during at 30-day living experiment in the Red … Read more

Ahorra tiempo y dinero: Pon en marcha el proceso de contratación con Skype

Los procesos de contratación han evolucionado tan rápido como la tecnología. En estos días, los candidatos a un empleo pueden estar en otro lado del País o del planeta. Lo que significa por un lado que las empresas tienen acceso a más talento que nunca pero al mismo tiempo pueden estar desbordados con la cantidad … Read more

Skype 2.19 for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Phone 8

Today we’re pleased to introduce some exciting new capabilities in the Skype 2.19 update for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1. This update includes Cortana integration and video upgrade preview improvements for Windows Phone 8.1, and increased language support from 19 to 51 languages, fast app resume, and improved notifications for both Windows Phone … Read more

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