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Help out Santa with Skype and NORAD

Santa Claus is a busy man. In between preparing for Christmas Eve and teaming up with Skype and NORAD to help map out his worldwide present delivery, there’s hardly time left to enjoy some milk and cookies. Of course, not everyone has his reindeer-powered sled for holiday traveling, and sometimes loved ones can’t always spend … Read more

Update Your Seasonal Traditions with a Side of Tech


With the holidays quickly approaching, there may or may not be figgy pudding in your future. But, long before the table is set—long before the oven is preheated—there’s some preliminary planning to do. That’s where we come in. With these handy tips, we’ll keep your up-and-coming event organized, coordinated, and full of plenty of cheer. … Read more

Skype 2.25 and Qik Fliks Come to Windows Phone

Today we’re releasing 2.25 which brings a smarter chat experience to Skype for Windows Phone, including big emoticons so you can now be even more expressive while you chat, and new features to help you manage your messages. Emoticons – bigger is better We know you love our emoticons so now when you reply with … Read more

Utilizza Skype con il tuo bambino in casa

Skype è sempre lieta di aiutare i propri utenti nel condividere esperienze e momenti di tenerezza, come l’arrivo di un neonato in famiglia. E’ un momento magico, ma è anche assolutamente faticoso per i neo genitori. Nonni, zie, zii, cugini e amici non fanno altro che chiedere foto, video o semplicemente informazioni sul piccolo arrivato. … Read more

A Mobile Approach to the Season with Skype


With Turkey Day behind us, we’re full steam ahead for December’s festivities. Between planning, plotting, carol singing and all that shopping—there’s a good chance you’re going to be on the go from now through the New Year. All the more reason to download the latest version of Skype on your mobile device. By ensuring a … Read more

De la granja a la taza—Gracias a Skype


Laila Ghambari, campeona barista de Estados Unidos en 2014, nos habla no solamente de café.   “Adoro el café. Tomo uno todos los días — y me aseguro de que sea bien grande” afirma sonriendo. “Pero el café es una comodidad global y por eso—estamos en todas partes.” Continúa Laila “Skype nos permite estar en … Read more

From Farm to Mug—Thanks to Skype


For Laila Ghambari, the 2014 United States barista champion,  it’s not even about the coffee. “I mean I enjoy coffee. I have one cup of coffee a day—and I make sure it’s a great one,” she smiles. “But coffee is a global commodity, and because of that—we’re everywhere.” She continues, “Skype allows us to be everywhere. … Read more

Cinque cose che non sapete su Skype

Pensate di sapere tutto su Skype? Ecco cinque cose di cui potresti non essere a conoscenza! Welcome to Estonia Pensate che anche il progetto Skype sia nato in un garage della California americana? E invece no!! Il più famoso software di messaggistica istantanea è un prodotto totalmente made in Europe, più precisamente in Estonia, da … Read more

Divertiti con Skype Qik

Qualche settimana fa avete potuto leggere sul Blog di Skype l’annuncio di una nuova app di video-messagistica, Skype Qik. L’applicazione è molto semplice da usare e permette di rimanere in contatto con amici e parenti attraverso videomessaggi e condivisione di video. Ecco alcuni modi divertenti per poter utilizzare Skype Qik con gli amici. :) Create … Read more

Как работать из дома и все успевать со Skype


Сегодня все больше людей работают удаленно, отказываясь от утренних пробок в пользу уютной пижамы и чашечки домашнего кофе. Поэтому Skype с удовольствием предоставляет вам возможность заниматься любимым делом, где бы вы ни оказались. Кстати, не только сами люди, работающие удаленно,  демонстрируют хорошее настроение и повышенную производительность труда по сравнению со своими офисными коллегами. Предприятия, практикующие … Read more

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