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Un San Valentino ancora più romantico con Skype

La tradizione vuole che il 14 febbraio si debba inviare una cartolina o una lettera romantica a chi si ama, ma quest’anno perché non scegliere una forma più personale – e gratuita – e dichiarare tutto il vostro amore tramite Skype? Se non ne siete convinti, continuate a leggere e cambierete idea! Perché il 14 … Read more

Consejos para hacer una entrevista a través de Skype

Consejos para hacer una entrevista en Skype

Skype  es cada vez una herramienta más utilizada por los departamentos de recursos humanos para encontrar a los mejores candidatos disponibles, os dejamos unos consejos para que nada te juegue una mala pasada y tengas éxito en tu entrevista. Si has tenido alguna entrevista por Skype compártela con nosotros en nuestro Twitter o Facebook. Read more

Skype 5.2 для Android – делитесь фотографиями даже с теми, кто сейчас не в сети


Многие из вас уже используют Skype на платформе Android для того, чтобы обмениваться фотографиями – делясь всем, что бы ни встретилось у вас на пути,  будь то достопримечательности, селфи или просто что-то забавное. В обновлении Skype 5.2 на Android мы улучшили процесс обмена фотографиями, сделав его еще проще и удобнее. Отправляйте фотографии всем контактам: в … Read more

Qik 1.4: Share your videos with even more people in more places

With every update, we are working hard to give you more ways to use and share the clips you record in Qik. Your videos are yours, and you should be able to do whatever you want with them. Now you can share them to your favorite app or social network right from within Qik, without … Read more

Skype 5.2 pour Android – Partagez vos photos avec vos contacts même déconnectés

Nombre d’entre vous utilisez Skype pour Android afin de partager des photos lorsque vous êtes en déplacement – que ce soit un adorable bébé, une merveille du monde ou un selfie. Avec la nouvelle version de Skype 5.2 pour Android, nous avons mis à jour le partage de photos pour une expérience encore plus simple … Read more

Using Skype to Catch up with Pets


We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for you to keep in touch with your pets no matter where you are or what device you’re using. To help show an example of how families use Skype to catch up with their pets, we met up with Lilly and followed her to the pet … Read more

Skype 5.2 for Android – Share Photos with Offline Contacts

Many of you already use Skype for Android to share photos on the go – be it a cute baby, a world wonder, or selfies. With today’s release of Skype 5.2 for Android, we just updated photo sharing to make it an even simpler and more integrated experience. Send photos to your contacts – online … Read more

Three Epic Moments from the X Games Aspen


Matt Gibson is a travel writer, avid adventurer, snowboarder and Skype Moment Maker. Recently, he joined us on the ground at the X Games Aspen where he captured some gravity-defying moments with his impressive photography. Having lived abroad for the greater part of the past 12 years, I’m a big Skype user. I was living … Read more

Videochiamate in HD sui TV Samsung con Skype

L’obiettivo di Skype è rendere le vostre videochiamate sempre più perfette. Se non avete ancora avuto modo di provare la nuova versione di Skype 4.0 su TV Samsung, è arrivato il momento di farlo. L’emozione di provare l’alta definizione durante una videochiamata Skype è pronta a travolgervi! La nuova gamma di TV Samsung non è … Read more

Keeping in Touch, On Campus and Off


For Sarah Woodworth and her ten Tufts University suitemates, GroupMe ensures their freshmen year is nothing short of supportive. In fact – according to Sarah – they’re not just suitemates; they’ve become a family. While describing her on-campus living quarters Sarah explains, “GroupMe definitely helped cement our friendships. Whenever something funny happens, and it’s just … Read more

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