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Skype 7.6 for Mac

Today we’re pleased to release Skype 7.6 for Mac with improved performance and better usability when you need to send a longer message. We’ve increased the maximum height of the chat input field to let you see more lines of text at once. The full list of features, fixes and improvements includes: Features and Improvements … Read more

Mr. March tests his luck this St. Patrick’s Day

mr march

Sure, it all started as a religious day of feasting for the patron saint of Ireland. But nowadays, St. Patrick’s Day features international festivals, set on praising all things Irish via parades, dancing and debauchery, and everything green. While we couldn’t catch an actual Leprechaun, we found Mr. March (clad in all green and clutching … Read more

Skype поможет найти верных друзей


Skype прекрасно подходит не только для связи с близкими в те моменты, когда вы оказываетесь на расстоянии друг от друга, но и для того, чтобы знакомиться с новыми друзьями, узнавать что-то новое и придавать общению новое измерение на любом уровне, будь то важный проект по работе или  обмен впечатлениями с лучшим другом. Многие пользователи в … Read more

Just Say Hello


We’re kicking off our partnership with Skype in the Classroom and O, The Oprah Magazine, with a guest blog from Carr Fullagar and Tobi Ragon from the Cape Fear Academy in Wilmington, North Carolina. Read on to learn about how a simple word like hello can make a huge difference. It’s one simple word, but … Read more

Skype permite que 12 aficionados del Real Madrid, hablen con Marcelo, Bale, Sergio Ramos y Chicharito.

Ayer los doce ganadores del concurso El Álbum de la Afición, el primer álbum de cromos digital protagonizado por los fans del Real Madrid de todo el mundo, una iniciativa de Microsoft y el Real Madrid para acercar a los aficionados del club a sus jugadores, tuvieron la oportunidad de hablar con varios de sus … Read more

Truth or Dare is BACK (And it’s better than ever)


You know the rules—cross your fingers and “spin” the truth or dare selector that we’ve posted on our Facebook, Vine, and Twitter channels. Wherever you land, your Skype-using loved ones are in for one hell of a surprise. Take a look at the full list of Truths and Dares below. You woke up like this. … Read more

Fans Score Video Calls with Real Madrid


With fans around the world, Real Madrid is one of the most popular soccer clubs in the world. That’s why we’re excited to help bring fans directly to Real Madrid over Skype video calls. Today, Real Madrid fans from around the world got the chance to hop on video calls with their favorite soccer stars. … Read more

Skype acerca a los aficionados del Real Madrid a su club.

El próximo 12 de marzo, en la presentación del “Álbum de la afición”, un álbum de cromos creado por los aficionados del Real Madrid, 12 de los participantes tendrán la oportunidad de hablar con algunos jugadores del Real Madrid través de una videollamada de Skype en una sesión en la que podrán preguntarles y comentar … Read more

Giornata Internazionale della Donna

Per la festa della donna, abbiamo posto alcune domande al nostro Director of Social Good, Wendy Norman, su come il suo team stia realizzando buone azioni e contribuendo alla loro diffusione in tutto il mondo. Come avete intenzione di festeggiare la Giornata internazionale della donna quest’anno? Vorrei cominciare inviando un ringraziamento via email alle donne … Read more

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