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Skype Moments of the Month (July 2015)

Skype Moments

When you can’t get to them, Skype helps bring new experiences, interesting people and loved ones to you. Whether it’s a Skype call with a recently crowned World Cup champion or an opportunity to bring your entire family together, Skype helps make the world a more open place filled with unforgettable memories. Barnaby the Beagle’s … Read more

Skype Moments of the Month (June 2015)

Skype baby shower

Friends are always there to support us no matter what. Whether it’s a sports victory you worked hard to achieve or a new baby on the way, it’s your BFFs that are the first to cheer you on. Skype makes it possible for best buddies to be there for each other and share unforgettable experiences … Read more

Skype Moments of the Week

Skype helps us experience unforgettable memories with even more people. From using Skype video calling to see your best friend get engaged, to watching a live show from thousands of miles away, Skype gives us the ability to see and interact with the world in wonderful ways. Kendra Hagerman will never forget the day her boyfriend proposed … Read more

Лучшие моменты недели


Каждый звонок по Skype – это маленькая история. Для участников разговора каждое мгновение уникально, как уникален каждый из нас, пользователей Skype, и неважно, общаемся мы по делу, для развлечения или потому, что давно не видели своих близких. Мы с удовольствием коллекционируем самые незабываемые моменты, которыми с нами делитесь вы, и при случае делимся ими, ведь … Read more

Skype Moments of the week


Every Skype call tells a story. Whether it’s a question waiting to be answered or a special moment waiting to be shared, each call is as unique and memorable as the people on it. Throughout April, we celebrated the many ways people use Skype to share memories, ideas and stories. Skype helped Jun Song stay … Read more

7 razones para sudar con Skype

Skype Moment Maker y el entrenador personal Nick Cameron llevan un tiempo entrenando a personas mediante videollamadas de Skype. En este post os dejamos los 7 motivos principales que le han llevado a formar parte de esta revolución. También puedes encontrarle en Facebook, Twitter e Instagram. Es fácil – Skype hace que entrenar en casa … Read more

Skype Moments of the Week


Being separated from family, friends or work can be tough. Fortunately, Skype can turn time apart into cherished moments together. Every week, we celebrate how people of all ages and backgrounds use Skype to share experiences with those who once seemed a world away. When Colin’s parents couldn’t make it to his and Meg Mukri‘s … Read more

Skype Moments of the week


What makes true friends so important to our lives? They love us no matter what. They’re the first to celebrate our victories and the last to leave our side during defeat. Good pals (including the furry, feathered and four-legged ones) are a rare find. That’s why this week we’re celebrating friendships made stronger with Skype. … Read more

Introducing Skype Moments of the Week


Whether you’re meeting a new member of the family for the first time or catching up with an old friend, your Skype Moments are as unique as you are. From extraordinary events to everyday fun, each Skype chat is one-of-a-kind. Join us in celebrating the memories that you make on Skype by sharing your photos, … Read more

Emoticon Challenge – Expressing Yourself with Skype IM

In our first Moment Makers challenge, we asked you to create your own Skype instant messaging emoticon art. Our users released their inner artists, using our chat window as their canvas and there was some amazingly creative art shared. We love how creative our users are and we pulled together a montage of masterpieces to … Read more

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