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Get together with anyone, no matter where they are this holiday season

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‘Tis the season to get together — the time when friends and family gather to celebrate Christmas and all the other many holiday festivities that are happening at this time of year. To commemorate the moment, we thought we’d bring you a collection of some of our favorite stories about people getting together, keeping in touch … Read more

Skype Moments of the Month (October 2015)


Whether you’re celebrating something special or just catching up with an old friend, it’s easy to turn a seemingly ordinary moment into a party with a little help from Skype. Writers from Beyond the Marquee went Back to the Future with the help of Skype. Sci-fi fans at home also celebrated the anniversary of the … Read more

Apresentando uma nova geração de usuários do Skype


Outro congestionamento no trânsito. Outra noite até tarde no escritório. Outro trem atrasado. Todos já passamos por isso — aqueles momentos nos quais tudo que você queria era estar em casa com a família. É por isso que tanta gente usa o Skype para ficar perto das pessoas que amam quando estão longe. Mas, para dar uma … Read more

Vi presentiamo la nuova generazione di utenti Skype

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L’ennesimo ingorgo. Ancora uno straordinario in ufficio. Il treno di nuovo in ritardo. Episodi del genere sono comuni, ed è soprattutto in questi momenti che preferiremmo essere a casa con la nostra famiglia. Ecco perché tantissime persone usano Skype per sentirsi più vicine ai loro cari, quando sono lontane. Ma spostiamo di poco la nostra attenzione, perché … Read more

Skype Brings You and Your Friends Closer — Even When You’re Miles Apart

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Friends will always be there for you, through thick and through thin. And these days, you don’t even have to be in the same place to be together.  We’ve been finding out a lot of stories about people keeping their friendships alive, making new acquaintances and rekindling old relationships by using Skype. Take Nicole and Michael … Read more

Introducing A New Generation of Skype Users

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Another traffic jam. Another late night at the office. Yet another delayed train. We’ve all been there — those times where you wish you could just be at home with your family. And that’s why so many people turn to Skype to get closer to their loved ones when they’re far away. But, being slightly … Read more

Skype Moments of the Month (July 2015)

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When you can’t get to them, Skype helps bring new experiences, interesting people and loved ones to you. Whether it’s a Skype call with a recently crowned World Cup champion or an opportunity to bring your entire family together, Skype helps make the world a more open place filled with unforgettable memories. Barnaby the Beagle’s … Read more

Skype Moments of the Month (June 2015)

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Friends are always there to support us no matter what. Whether it’s a sports victory you worked hard to achieve or a new baby on the way, it’s your BFFs that are the first to cheer you on. Skype makes it possible for best buddies to be there for each other and share unforgettable experiences … Read more

Skype Moments of the Week

Skype helps us experience unforgettable memories with even more people. From using Skype video calling to see your best friend get engaged, to watching a live show from thousands of miles away, Skype gives us the ability to see and interact with the world in wonderful ways. Kendra Hagerman will never forget the day her boyfriend proposed … Read more

Лучшие моменты недели


Каждый звонок по Skype – это маленькая история. Для участников разговора каждое мгновение уникально, как уникален каждый из нас, пользователей Skype, и неважно, общаемся мы по делу, для развлечения или потому, что давно не видели своих близких. Мы с удовольствием коллекционируем самые незабываемые моменты, которыми с нами делитесь вы, и при случае делимся ими, ведь … Read more

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