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Skype-Spaß für alle: Heute sind die Schulkinder dran!


Skype ist natürlich nicht nur ein tolles Kommunikationsmittel für Berufstätige, Studenten und Globetrotter – Skype bietet auch den kleineren Internetnutzern die Möglichkeit, mit Freunden und Familie zu kommunizieren, die Welt zu entdecken und zu lernen! Heute möchten wir den Schulkindern unter euch zeigen, wie man Skype in der Schule oder auch nachmittags – natürlich erst, … Read more

Skype : pour que nos enfants s’épanouissent partout dans le monde !

Aujourd’hui, c’est la Journée Internationale des droits de l’Enfance. A cette occasion nous avons souhaité nous rappeler la façon dont Skype aide les enfants à communiquer, apprendre et à découvrir le monde. Apprendre d’autres langues et découvrir d’autres cultures sans quitter la salle de classe Il y a quelques années, Skype a lancé une plateforme, … Read more

Cómo Skype ayuda a nuestros niños

Hoy es el día Universal del niño, y queremos recordar cómo Skype ayuda a nuestros niños a comunicarse, aprender y a descubrir el mundo. Descubrir otras culturas y aprender idiomas sin salir de clase Skype ofrece una plataforma especial, Skype in the Classroom, para conectar a todos aquellos que están interesados con gente de otras … Read more

Skype in the Classroom Teacher takes students on an inter-planetary field trip


Erik McFarland is an 8th grade science teacher and recently took his students on the trip of a lifetime with Skype in the Classroom. Here is his story. I had the wonderful opportunity to do research at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, California as part of a program that gave teachers scientific research experience. … Read more

Skype and Mrs.P take on 21st Century Storytelling


Once upon a time, three successful entertainment industry veterans decided to use Skype to revive the art of children’s storytelling with a 21st century update. The trio – an actress, writer, and producer all well-versed in the art and power of storytelling – realized that they could help inspire a new generation of creators by … Read more

HopeCam helps Leukemia patients fight loneliness with Skype

Autumn in Arizona doing Schoolwork

Matt Forkas stared in the mirror but couldn’t recognize the bald, puffy, worn-out face looking back at him. However, when Matt looked into his web cam for the first time – his classmates on the other side didn’t see the bald, puffy, unfamiliar face that Matt saw – they saw their nine-year old friend bravely … Read more

Fueling a passion for learning through Skype in the classroom


Stumbling upon Skype in the classroom last year transformed my classroom. It flipped my teaching style on its head, blasted the walls of my classroom away, and enabled my students to stamp their digital footprints across the globe. It made me rethink what was possible in the classroom and ignited a passion for learning in … Read more

Fabien Cousteau takes North London students on a dive in the North Atlantic 


The beauty of Skype in the classroom is that it truly takes the world and puts it into my students’ reach.  Although my students live in London, many of them rarely leave their local borough of Enfield. And some have no recollection of ever doing so. I find that school trips are tough to organise … Read more

Making classroom magic with Mystery Skype

The magic of Mystery Skype can be discovered in a myriad of ways.  Sometimes you don’t even see the trick; it just manifests itself right before your eyes. Allow me to share an example from my 5th grade classroom. Before Mystery Skype my students never considered themselves or their lives to be of much interest … Read more

Dive in to Skype in the classroom

This is actually me swimming with a whale shark!

Just over a year ago I discovered that Skype could transform my classroom and not just help keep me in touch with my brother. Inspiring my students by introducing them to others around the globe and encouraging them to be curious about the world has had an amazing unintended consequence; I myself became more curious … Read more

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