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Skype in the Classroom wins Summer 2011 Tomorrow Award

A few weeks ago, we learned the exciting news that Skype in the classroom won 1 of 5 Summer 2011 Tomorrow Awards. The Tomorrow Awards, an international award honoring advertising creativity that pushes new boundaries in technology, awarded Skype in… Read more

Mentoring through Skype

Recently, several news stories about mentors using Skype caught my attention. These examples demonstrate how educators are increasingly using Skype in new and exciting ways to help engage and educate their students. Ever thought of mentoring though Skype? Gibson Southern… Read more

Skype Wins World Technology Award and 3 Lovie Awards

We received great news this week and wanted to share our enthusiasm with all of you. The excitement began when we received news that Skype was a finalist in the "Communications Technology" category in the 2011 World Technology Awards, an… Read more

Lehrer aufgepasst – Mit Skype und eTwinning einen Klassensatz Headsets und Webcams gewinnen

Bei Skype ist rund um das Thema „Schulen" im letzten Jahr einiges passiert: Im März haben wir unsere kostenlose Online-Plattform Skype in the Classroom vorgestellt. Dort können sich Lehrer weltweit auf einfache Weise zu Gemeinschaftsprojekten und gemeinsamem Lernen mit ihren… Read more

Peace One Day use Skype to help mobilise the youth of the world

The world has just celebrated Peace Day 2011; you'll be pleased to know that it was a huge success. And this year we heard some wonderful stories of how Skype has been used amongst students as part of their Peace… Read more

The growth of Skype use in the classroom

As a follow up to Skype CEO Tony Bates' blog on "The Transformational Power of Skype in the Classroom" last month, we thought it would be enlightening to share a round-up of some recent news stories regarding schools across the… Read more

Skype in the Classroom mit weiteren Verbesserungen

Es gibt bereits eine Vielzahl großartiger Projekte in unserem Skype in the Classroom Portal. Um es Euch in Zukunft noch leichter zu machen den richtigen Partner und das richtige Projekt zu finden, haben wir wieder ein paar Verbesserungen an Skype… Read more

The Transformational Power of Skype in the Classroom

This afternoon, I had the opportunity to join a dynamic community of global leaders at the 2nd Annual Social Good Summit presented by Mashable, the 92nd Street Y, and the United Nations Foundation to discuss a big idea: the power… Read more

Perfect your Skype in the Classroom Projects

We've seen and heard about some great projects on Skype in the classroom so far. To make it easier for you to find the right partners and the right projects we've made some improvements to how you create, share, and… Read more

Skype in the classroom helps to Power a Bright Future with Clorox

Skype in the classroom teachers are continuously looking for innovative ways to help their students learn. To help teachers located in the US get the resources they need to power new or existing programs, Skype has teamed up with Clorox's… Read more

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