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Skype at South by Southwest 2013

South by Southwest Logo

Do you consider yourself a music, technology, film or education aficionado?  If so, you may have heard about South by Southwest, a 26-year old Austin, Texas-based festival event better known simply as “SXSW” to most.  Over the years, it has grown to become one of the biggest events to find out about what’s new and … Read more

Skype Calls with Classrooms Help Propel Author to Best Seller Status

Pandora's Key

Author Nancy Richardson Fischer is a veteran storyteller.  But in the age of the internet, the publishing industry has faced unique challenges, and reaching audiences interested in reading new stories has become more difficult.  For Fischer, it was embracing new technology – including Skype – that has helped expand her horizons in the publishing space. … Read more

Próxima parada do Skype in the classroom: o topo do Everest

Em março de 2013, o explorador Mark Wood vai dar início a uma expedição pelo lado nepalês da cordilheira do Himalaia, para tentar chegar ao topo do Monte Everest. E ele está buscando dez escolas de dez países diferentes para se conectar com ele por Skype durante a subida! O Everest já foi escalado antes, … Read more

What’s the Hype with Mystery Skype?

Since the launch of Skype in the classroom, we’ve been amazed by the creativity that teachers have shown in using it in new and innovative ways. One surprising success story has been the popularity of Mystery Skype lessons. A Mystery Skype lesson involves students in a simple guessing game. Two classrooms arrange to connect with … Read more

日本企業として初めて、『Skype in the classroom(スカイプ・イン・ザ・クラスルーム)』から教育プログラムを世界に発信

~2013年1月17日より、株式会社ユーグレナの理科実験教室へ参加者の募集を開始~東京大学内に研究所を構えるミドリムシカンパニーの株式会社ユーグレナ(本社:東京都文京区、社長:出雲充、以下ユーグレナ社)は、コミュニケーション・プラットフォー Read more

Uma visita muito especial via Skype: Papai Noel

É Natal, e você se comportou muito bem o ano inteiro. Com quem você mais gostaria de falar nesse exato momento? Os desejos de Natal de três turmas muito especiais espalhadas pelo mundo tornaram-se realidade quando puderam fazer uma chamada… Read more

Skype do bem – quando a tecnologia melhora a vida das pessoas

Na Skype, todos acreditam no poder da tecnologia de aproximar as pessoas ao permitir que elas compartilhem suas experiências. Isso fica evidente no papel transformador que o Skype tem demonstrado em várias áreas, como educação, no trabalho pela paz e… Read more

Skype Social Good – Making Life Better Through Technology

After I finished speaking on stage at the Social Innovation Summit in Silicon Valley earlier this week, I found myself reflecting on both the number of innovative and passionate people dedicated to changing our world for the better and the role technology is playing to drive these changes within our global society. At Skype, we’ve always believed in the power of technology to bring the world closer together by enabling people everywhere to share experiences. Nowhere is this more evident than in the way Skype is playing a social transformation role in a number of areas – education, peace efforts and humanitarian aid. Read more

Professores, que tal concorrer a US$ 10 mil em produtos da Microsoft e uma chamada com o Papai Noel para seus alunos?

Se tem alguma coisa aqui na Skype que nos deixa cheios de orgulho é o fato de que a nossa tecnologia ajuda a criar experiências de aprendizagem incríveis para estudantes de todo o mundo. Do explorador Mark Wood, que conecta… Read more

Teachers, Enter our Santa in the Classroom Contest: Educators Can Win $10,000 in Technology Products and a Call with Santa for Their Classrooms

We are very proud that Skype’s technology helps enable amazing learning experiences for students across the globe. From explorer Mark Wood connecting classrooms in Nepal and Tsunami-damaged Japan for an environmental discussion to students getting a chance to learn from NASA and even surprise video calls from NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal, Skype in the classroom empowers teachers to bring truly remarkable experiences to their schools. Read more

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