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The Skype Song

Skype Song

How could we resist? We came across “The Skype Song” and just had to get in touch with its creator. Today we’d like to introduce you to singer-songwriter Cynthia Wang, the artist behind “The Skype Song” and her recently released EP album. Q: Nice to meet you Cynthia, and thank you for your time. Could … Read more

A Few Helpful Bookmarks for Skype

Skype emoticon

There is a lot of helpful information out there on how to get the most out of Skype (including the one you’re currently reading – Skype Tips & Tricks) so we thought we’d give you a run-down of some of our favorite pages you might want to bookmark. Chat commands and roles These chat commands … Read more

How to Care for Your New TRex – Illustrated with Emoticons

Skype emoticons

It started with Ninja Cat, an inside joke among some Windows team members. Then, like any clever creature, it eventually evolved into its current form, Ninja Cat riding a TRex. Because of course it did. Now Skype is carrying the TRex torch by giving this pair the secret emoticon treatment in Skype. Got our latest … Read more

Because I´m (happy) – Habt Spaß mit den Skype-Emoticons!


Es ist nicht immer einfach, die eigenen Gefühle auszudrücken, wenn man nicht persönlich mit einem Freund oder Kollegen spricht. Doch dank der Vielfalt an Skype-Emoticons könnt ihr eurem Gesprächspartner auch beim Versenden von Skype-Sofortnachrichten zeigen, wie ihr euch fühlt oder was ihr gerade denkt. Ihr könnt die Emoticons dazu verwenden, eure aktuelle Stimmung auszudrücken oder … Read more

Emoticônes : pour le travail ou le plaisir ?

Ah, les émoticônes. Nos utilisateurs nous disent combien ils aiment ces adorables petites images animées. Il est vrai qu’elles ajoutent un peu de divertissement, et elles aident à transmettre des sentiments souvent difficiles à exprimer par des mots. Vous pouvez voir la liste des émoticônes Skype en cliquant sur le smiley en bas à droite … Read more

Emoticons: for Business or Pleasure?

Ah, emoticons. Our users tell us they love these irresistible little animated images. It’s true, they do add an element of fun, and they help convey sentiments often difficult to articulate in words. You can check out Skype’s emoticons “palette” by clicking on the smiley face on the lower right corner of a chat box. … Read more

Animate le vostre conversazioni di Skype con le emoticon nascoste

Il bello di Skype è che anche le tue conversazioni testuali con gli amici lontani possono trasformarsi da noiose a divertenti grazie all’utilizzo delle emoticon. Ovviamente, non stiamo parlando delle solite faccine che utilizzate quotidianamente ormai da anni ma di quelle nascoste, capaci di venir fuori soltanto digitando determinate combinazioni di lettere e segni sulla … Read more