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Skype vous dit tout sur les codes d’accès internationaux !

Nous avons tous été dans cette situation au moins une fois dans notre vie : votre meilleur ami ou des membres de votre famille sont à l’étranger et attendent votre appel. Vous avez vérifié une centaine de fois que le numéro que vous avez soit bien le bon, mais bizarrement vous n’arrivez pas à les … Read more

What Is An Exit Code Anyway?


We’ve all been there. Your friend or family member overseas is waiting for your call. You’ve double-checked the phone number a hundred times, but for some reason the call just won’t go through. Meanwhile, in your loved one’s time zone, the clock is ticking and it’s just about time to leave for work. Most of … Read more

A Celebratory Father’s Day, From Anywhere in the World

Father's Day fishing

Father’s Day is fast approaching, but—unfortunately for you—Dad now happily dwells in a different locale. Thanks to Skype, you can set aside some virtual time to touch base, and celebrate your Pops while out and about. Here are some sweet, creative ways to remind Dad just how glad you are he’s around: Gone Fishin’ Back … Read more

What would you see if you video called the world this Christmas?

In years gone by, we got our facts about other Christmas cultures from encyclopedias and stories told by travelers. Today, we don't just have to read or hear about them – we can see them using Skype video calls. Keep… Read more