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Skype conference calls the quick, easy and affordable way

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Whether they’re a blessing or a curse to your work day, conference calls with your customers or far-flung teammates are an essential part of doing business. That part needs to go smoothly, so we’ve put together some tips for easy Skype conference calls. With Skype conference calls it’s easy to get groups of up to … Read more

Making School Life Easier with Skype

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Skype in the Classroom enables you to bring the entire world into your lessons through calls to experts, classes in other countries and more. But even when you’re not in the classroom, Skype has a lot of features to make school life easier. So, with a new school year coming up fast, let’s look at … Read more

Travel Blogger Kristen Kellogg Takes Skype’s Instagram on a Caribbean Excursion

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Travel blogger and filmmaker Kristen Kellogg is the founder of the wanderlust website Border Free Travels. For one weekend, this wayfaring storyteller took our Instagram on a journey to the island of Anguilla for a travel bloggers conference and all the sun, sand and adventure that came with it. Before arriving on the island, she … Read more

Summer with Skype Part 1: How an On-the-go Mom Manages Schedules

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School’s out for summer! The days are long, the patio grill is permanently on ‘preheat,’ and there’s plenty of hustle and bustle happening about the home. Whether you’re soaking up the sun with tiny toddlers clinging to your legs, leisurely sprawling while your teens are away on campus for the summer, or organizing a seasonal … Read more

Skype Click to Call – теперь и в мобильном

Нет ничего удобнее, чем использовать функцию Skype Click to Call на компьютере, а теперь, по вашим просьбам, мы добавили эту функцию и на мобильные платформы! Бета-версия плагина позволяет вам отправлять телефонные номера с сайтов прямиком в приложение Skype в вашем мобильном, чтобы вы могли тут же совершить звонок или просто сохранить номер на будущее. Сама по себе … Read more

Skype Click to Call – Now from Your Mobile

You told us that you wanted the simplicity of Skype Click to Call on your computer from your mobile device, and we listened! Today, we’re excited to start rolling out Call from mobile (Beta), a new feature that makes the Skype Click to Call desktop plug-in even more useful. The new Call from mobile feature … Read more

Быть вместе – проще пареной репы 09-24-07

Пост, Рождество, Новый год или день рождения – прекрасные поводы собраться вместе. Семейные традиции, как и хороший ужин, приобретают особую ценность, когда их можно разделить с самыми близкими людьми. Дорогие билеты, загруженность на работе или погода могут помешать нам осуществить все планы на праздники, но, к счастью, Skype всегда подстрахует вас в такой момент. Когда не за … Read more

Keeping in Touch is as Easy as Pie

Thanksgiving. Hanukkah. Kwanza. Christmas. Family traditions, like a good meal, are always better when shared. Sometimes overpriced flights, work, and weather can get in the way of holiday season sharing, but luckily we here at Skype have you covered. Skype Music Ambassador Frank Bell says that, “Cooking is a social thing, so if more people … Read more

Least Possible Actions to Start a Call on Windows

Today I’d like to do things a little differently and introduce a new series of posts here on Tips & Tricks. The new series is called Least Possible Actions (LPA) and in it I’ll be taking some common Skype tasks and explaining how to do them with as little time and effort as possible. The … Read more

Gli scienziati risolvono i misteri dell’Universo e comunicano grazie a Skype

Chi di voi sa esattamente che cosa è un bosone di Higgs? Non è un nome di fantasia, ma piuttosto il pezzo mancante di un puzzle che i fisici hanno messo insieme pazientemente in mezzo secolo di lavoro e che potrebbe essere la più grande scoperta scientifica del nostro tempo. Folcloristicamente soprannominato «particella di Dio», … Read more

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