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L’Antarctique appelle

Skype in the Classroom

Ce n’est pas tous les jours que vous ouvrez votre boîte de réception et que vous trouvez un courriel d’Antarctique ; et encore moins un appel vidéo Skype d’Antarctique. Mais grâce au travail de Jean Pennycook, éducateur et chercheur habitant en Antarctique, des classes à travers le monde entier ont eu la chance de partir … Read more

Antarctica calling

Skype in the Classroom

Not every day do you open your inbox and find an email from Antarctica — let alone get a Skype video call from Antarctica. But thanks to the work of Jean Pennycook, educator and Antarctica researcher, classrooms around the globe have had the chance to go on virtual field trips to Earth’s southernmost continent. With … Read more

Solving the Mysteries of the Universe and Using Skype

What’s a Higgs boson? No, it’s not a fancy British surname but rather the missing piece of the puzzle that helps us understand the sub-atomic world. Tentatively proven to exist just this spring, this particle could be the biggest scientific discovery of our time. Top physicists like Dr. Gabriella Sciolla aren’t able search for Higgs boson … Read more

Montana Students Reveal New Name for NASA Spacecraft through Video Call

It's amazing when we see technology bring people together to enjoy educational experiences. Today, we saw a perfect example showcasing how technology can bring the joy of science to students in Montana. In the video below, you can see how… Read more