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Reconnaître et éviter les scams

Votre sécurité en ligne est une priorité pour Skype. Cependant, même si nous mettons tout en œuvre pour vous protéger, il est nécessaire qu’en tant qu’utilisateurs de Skype, vous restiez vigilants ! et si vous suspectez un scam aidez la communauté en nous le signalant sur notre page Communauté Skype. Qu’est-ce qu’un scam ? C’est … Read more

How to Identify and Avoid New “Phishing” Scams

Your online security is important to Skype. Though no matter how much we do on our end, it’s also essential for you, as a Skype user, to stay vigilant and check the Skype Community if you suspect a scam. Last year, we published a blog on how to identify and avoid “phishing” scams. In these all-to-common online swindles, … Read more

How to Identify and Deal with Scam Emails and Phishing Attempts

One of the topics we hear about from our users is malicious email contact from individuals impersonating Skype. Recently, we posted some helpful tips on avoiding malicious contact in the form of unwanted Skype calls, and today we're following that up with some tips on how to protect yourself from emails with malicious intent. Read more

Skype Chain Letter

We have received reports of a chain letter circulating around the Internet asking Skype users not to upgrade to the newest version of Skype. This letter is another example of an Internet scam that attempts to trick people into paying… Read more