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最近,英国皇室夫妇威廉王子及凯特王妃公开示范了一种使用Skype的创新方式,来帮助那些无家可归的青少年回归正途。 通过电脑摄像头和电视屏幕,剑桥公爵与18岁的Dylan Howie及21岁的Lyn Buchan进行交谈。这两个青少年都参加了 Read more


皇室夫婦威廉王子及凱特王妃公開示範了一種使用Skype的創新方式幫助那些無家可歸的青少年重回正途。 劍橋公爵使用電腦鏡頭和電視屏幕與Dylan Howie(18歲)及Lyn Buchan(21歲)交談。他們兩位參加了格拉斯哥慈善機構的「重投 Read more

Skype by Royal Appointment

Duke at Quarriers

Royal couple Prince William and Kate have publicized an innovative way that Skype is being used to help youngsters who are homeless get back on their feet. The Duke of Cambridge spoke using a webcam and TV screen to Dylan Howie, 18, and Lyn Buchan, 21, who are turning their lives around in the southern Dutch … Read more