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Vos parents et la technologie : la lutte prend fin…enfin, presque !

Il y a des chances pour que nous ayons tous déjà stoïquement contemplé un « poke » de notre père sur Facebook ou que nous ayons dû patiemment répondre à notre mère nous demandant ce que l’acronyme « Lol » – utilisé de manière insouciante dans un texto – pouvait bien signifier. Les difficultés que … Read more

Your Parents vs. Technology: The Struggle is Over

Whether it’s Dad poking you on Facebook or Mom calling to ask what your “ttyl“ text meant, we’ve all been there. The struggle between our parents and technology is seemingly endless but have no fear, relief is here. Here are three ways parents generally struggle with technology: Complete Newbs  You are a child of technologically challenged … Read more

How to get Skype working in your classroom

Skype in the classroom is an online community that encourages teachers to connect and support one another through content sharing, collaborative projects and classroom connections to bring topics to life for their students. We officially launched Skype in the classroom… Read more

A week with Skype in the classroom at BETT 2012

Joe Dale, an Independent, modern foreign languages and technology consultant, brings us up to speed on his week at BETT (British Educational Training and Technology Show), a trade show that takes place every year in London and showcases international… Read more