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Most UK ISPs commit to the open Internet – and all of Europe should follow

This week most major ISPs in the UK announced the launch of a "voluntary code of practice in support of the open Internet." This action, consisting of ISPs voluntarily coming together to support and commit to the open Internet is… Read more

В парламентах стран Европы снова обсуждается тема защиты принципа сетевой нейтральности

В этом месяце парламентарии нескольких стран Европы более активно включились в обсуждение принципа сетевой нейтральности. Буквально на днях городской парламент Берлина выступил с заявлением в поддержку этого принципа. Кроме того, 17 ноября парламент Люксембурга принял декларацию, в соответствии с которой… Read more

Parliaments across Europe renew calls to protect net neutrality

This month saw progress on the net neutrality front in Europe, with several parliaments raising the tone. We had just learnt that the Berlin city state's coalition government had declared its support for the principle of network neutrality. Read more

Variability of Video Calling Experience

From anonymous feedback that people on Skype provide us through their rating of video calls, we've put together an analysis of the varying quality and experience of Skype video calling by location. Our goal is to allow people on Skype to compare their experience with Skype video calling to that of others in the same location to determine if using a different network provider might improve their call quality. Read more

The open Internet: platform for growth

The open Internet is an essential platform for growth and benefits for all, including telecom operators: it has to be safeguarded. Read more

Skype is in 'Da House

Being a Member of Congress means juggling a schedule that would be unthinkable for most of us. Members travel back and forth between Washington, D.C. and their home districts several times a month. This travel schedule has become more… Read more

"Heel goed gedaan!"

Жан-Жак Саэль, директор Skype по работе с государственными органами и общественными организациями в Европе, написал этот пост в ответ на решение парламента Нидерландов: Вчера в Гааге парламент Нидерландов принял закон, запрещающий мобильным операторам блокировать или взимать дополнительную плату за использование… Read more

A Victory for Innovators and Consumers: Net Neutrality in the Netherlands

Yesterday in the The Hague, the Dutch Parliament voted for amendments aimed at preventing mobile operators from blocking, or charging extra for, their customers' use of independent applications like Skype on their mobile phones. To most people, this sounds… Read more

As the G8 talks Net, the Netherlands decides to protect Net Neutrality in law

This week I was at the "eG8 Forum" in Paris. Many leading figures of the Internet world spoke at this event leading up to the meeting of the world's 8 leading economies, including Skype's co-founder Niklas Zennström. Another Internet… Read more