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Skype célèbre la Fête de la Musique avec Carpe Dièse

Le principal atout de Skype est de pouvoir connecter les gens du monde entier facilement et rapidement quel que soit l’endroit où ils se trouvent, pour célébrer de grands moments ou simplement pour rester en contact. Dans un monde en continuelle évolution et toujours plus connecté, les gens n’hésitent pas à partager des instants familiaux, … Read more

That’s So Metal: Pro Musician Offers Fans Skype Guitar Lessons

Paul Allender in his studio.

Ever meet a true rock star?  Best known as the lead guitar player for heavy metal band Cradle of Filth, Paul Allender’s been a professional touring musician for over 20 years.  First picking up a guitar at age 14, he’s been shredding out metal riffs ever since.  Oddly, it seems that one way or another, … Read more

"By Using Skype…I've Been Able to Make My Dreams Come True"

Although Dublin-based Anuradha “Anu” Ammal has long had a successful career in technology, she has also dreamed of perfecting her skills as a musician. In 2003, she started studying classical Carnatic music of India. She says, “I began with the… Read more

New Single from Nas Created via Skype Collaboration with Amy Winehouse

Nas' tenth album, Life is Good, was just released this summer – and it features an artist that may surprise you. Through his producer Salaam Remi, Nas was able to meet and befriend the late Amy Winehouse via a Skype… Read more