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Skype – The Best Kept Secret in Hollywood? 

The 87th Academy Awards are this weekend, and once again, an Oscar nominee has landed the role thanks to the help of Skype. Rosamund Pike, up for the Best Actress in a Leading Role for her portrayal of Amy Dunne in “Gone Girl,” was on-location in Northern Scotland when she first talked with director David … Read more

Cosa sarebbe successo se gli attori di questi 10 film avessero usato Skype?

Un buon film ci tiene incollati allo schermo fino alla fine: cominciamo a chiederci Lo uccideranno? Vivranno felici e contenti? Riuscirà a scoprire che lui la ama ancora? La suspense è, per tutta la durata del film, animata da colpi di scena e coincidenze perse. Purtroppo per gli sceneggiatori di Hollywood, molte trame potevano essere … Read more

How You Can Use Skype to Help Build Your Film Career

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Georgia Benjamin is an independent film maker and Skype’s Film Brand Ambassador. We asked her to explain to us a little bit about how Skype helps her in the film-making process and how it can help budding film-makers build their careers. I’ve used Skype for a long time—not only to stay in contact with friends … Read more

Jason Zone Fisher Gives You the Backstage Pass You’ve Always Wanted

Guest Blogger Jason Zone Fisher is Skype’s new Correspondent. I am fired up to be Skype’s new Pop Culture Correspondent. It’s a dream job, and the best part: I’ll bring you with me everywhere I go – from Hollywood premieres to Comic-Con to the sidelines of a football game. If I have a backstage pass, … Read more

Les 10 films dont l’histoire aurait pu être changée par Skype

Alors que la planète entière vient juste de découvrir le Palmarès du dernier Festival de Cannes, nous avons également voulu rendre hommage au Cinéma International en révélant notre sélection des 10 Films dont l’histoire aurait été radicalement changée si Skype avait été utilisé par les protagonistes. Et oui ! Skype est LE moyen de rester … Read more

Skype double feature in a theatre near you

Skype is always excited about appearing in films. And this week, we're in stardom, not once, but twice! "Think Like A Man" opened in theatres on April 20, and made its way to #1 spot at the box office with… Read more