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Get the Family Together for the Holidays—Even When You’re Apart

With the holidays fast approaching, everyone’s thoughts turn to getting in touch with family. But it’s not always easy to get together when you want to. Plus, travel at this time of year is expensive and stressful. Who has the time for planning, packing, and standing in lines? And with all the money we spend … Read more

Get The Best of Skype on Xbox One

Welcome to the wonderful world of Skype on Xbox One. Whether you’re a movie fanatic, TV guru or elite gamer, you can now share your passion with your family and friends right in your living room. So you can get the very best of Skype, we are offering six months of free group video calling … Read more

Les abonnés de Bouygues Telecom bénéficient d’un accès illimité aux services de Skype

A l’occasion du Mobile World Congress 2013, Bouygues Telecom a annoncé un accord qui permettra à ses abonnés disposant de l’internet mobile un accès illimité aux appels et appels vidéo émis depuis Skype. Désormais, tous les abonnés ayant choisi Bouygues Telecom pour leur mobile bénéficieront d’un accès illimité aux services Skype depuis leur réseau Bouygues, … Read more

Why Are Skype Gift Cards a Great Present? Ask a Pro.

Lindsay Roberts is a nationally recognized gift-giving expert and founder of She scours boutiques, magazines and the web to find creative gift ideas and connects shoppers with the stores that sell her finds. A frequent guest on news shows,… Read more