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Skype for Windows 8.1 – Designed with Multitaskers in Mind!

We are excited that Skype for Windows 8.1 is now available to use on virtually any Windows 8.1 device, including a breadth of devices from our OEM partners and our friends at Surface. And as we mentioned in September, this release is all about enhancing your everyday experiences and helping you do more at once. We … Read more

Доступ к Skype теперь непосредственно со стартового экрана Windows 8.1

Skype займет центральное место в Windows 8.1 – прямо с момента включения вашего компьютера. Это произойдет благодаря тому, что Skype станет частью Windows 8.1 наряду с другими необходимыми приложениями и сервисами. Skype будет с вами с самого Старта! И это – отличная новость как для пользователей Skype, так и для пользователей Windows. Теперь не придется … Read more

The Best of Skype is Now an Integral Part of Surface 2 & Surface Pro 2

Today, Microsoft unveiled the next generation of Surface devices together with an amazing Skype experience. We are excited to announce that everyone who purchases a Surface 2 or Surface Pro 2 will receive the “Best of Skype”* which includes one year of Unlimited Worldwide Calling and unlimited Skype WiFi. This means, you can get online and stay close to those you … Read more

Skype turns 10: Talkin’ ‘bout a revolution

Inventive and intrepid founders, wild Estonian parties, brilliant engineering, Tabasco-doused initiations, Silicon Valley intrigue – it’s all here in the inside story of Skype’s first decade. Once the little Estonian company that could, Skype has grown into a multibillion-dollar Microsoft asset and, in a single decade, significantly changed the way the world communicates. This is evident in … Read more

Skype Joins the Windows 8.1 Start Screen Line-Up

Skype will be front-and-center in Windows 8.1 – from the very first time you turn on your PC! We’re thrilled to announce that Skype will join the powerful offering of apps and services built-into Windows 8.1. This is fantastic news for both Skype and Windows users. Now you don’t have to download your favorite app to stay in … Read more

Skype est maintenant disponible dans pour tous les français !

En avril dernier, nous avions annoncé le lancement imminent de la préversion de Skype pour Aujourd’hui, nous sommes heureux de vous informer que tous le monde en France peut maintenant passer des appels vidéo Skype directement depuis sa boîte de réception Encore un moyen formidable de rester en contact avec les personnes qui … Read more

Ecrivez moins, parlez plus : passez vos appels Skype via

Le 29 avril dernier, Microsoft annonçait une préversion de Skype pour, réunissant deux formidables moyens de communication sur une seule plateforme ! Cette préversion de Skype pour est déjà disponible au Royaume-Uni, aux Etats-Unis ainsi qu’en Allemagne. Très prochainement, vous pourrez passer vos appels voix et vidéo Skype depuis votre boîte En … Read more

Xbox One专用Skype 让你安坐家中与亲友分享体验

很高兴为大家介绍Xbox One专用版Skype。通过首次运用群组视频通讯及Snap(快速切换)等创新的功能,你就能够与身在别处的亲友“一起”玩Xbox游戏、使用应用程序,以及收看电视节目。 无论是日常与朋友聚首、享受最爱的游戏带来的乐趣、 Read more

Xbox One專用Skype 讓你安坐家中與親友分享體驗

很高興為大家介紹Xbox One專用Skype。首次透過群組視像通話及Snap(快速切換)等創新功能,你就能夠與身在別處的親友「一起」玩Xbox遊戲、使用應用程式,以及收看電視節目。 無論是日常與朋友聚首、享受最愛遊戲帶來的樂趣、欣賞足球比 Read more

La scuola 2.0: a Milano nasce il progetto “Genitori in video”

È partito il progetto «Genitori in video», promosso dal Comune di Milano con Microsoft nell’ambito del piano per la conciliazione vita-lavoro e in partenza in via sperimentale al liceo linguistico Manzoni, liceo frequentato soprattutto da studenti non provenienti da Milano. Sarà possibile effettuare i colloqui via Skype: la scuola mette a disposizione le attrezzature tecniche … Read more

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