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Skype Group Video Calling Drives Innovation in the Classroom

Marquette Logo

Known for more than just their exceptional basketball team, Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin has long been ranked among the top research universities in the country with acclaimed programs in Business, Nursing and Physical Therapy. One common thread that continues to put Marquette ahead of the curve is their pioneering use of technology – like … Read more

From Mexico City to Manchester, Skype and Peace One Day Host Student SkypeTalks

One of my favorite early grade school memories was having a pen pal. Every year, my teacher would present each student with a profile of another student who lived in another town across the nation. I would immediately begin writing to my pen pal, asking them questions like: “What is the weather like where you … Read more

Hola amigos de Skype en México!

Nos da gusto presentarles nuestro nuevo canal de Twitter, @SkypeMexico. Con este canal podremos mantenerlos informados sobre eventos y novedades de Skype conforme se vayan dando. Nos interesa tener más conversaciones con ustedes y saber cuál es su mejor historia… Read more