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Skype peut vous aider dans vos relations longue-distance

Les vacances sont souvent propices aux nouvelles rencontres amoureuses. Souvent, celles-ci sont seulement vécues comme des amourettes qui prennent fin à la rentrée. Mais parfois, c’est le coup de foudre, et les deux personnes souhaitent continuer la relation même si elles n’habitent pas au même endroit. Les relations longue-distance n’étaient vraiment pas faciles à vivre … Read more

Skype can make your long distance relationship easier


When I went away to college, back in the mists of time (they had just invented fire), I was really distraught about leaving my boyfriend behind. He and I decided to go to different schools two hours apart. We would talk for hours on the phone, drop stupid amounts of money on calling cards, and … Read more

Love Conquers Distance with Skype

LDR Skype

Long-distance romance used to be considered a one-way ticket to a broken heart. But this Valentine’s Day we are happy to announce that far-flung lovers are feeling closer with a little help from Skype. Last month, Microsoft’s Idea Lab conducted a survey in the US and UK and found that 96 percent of respondents said … Read more

Skype Love Story Highlights

Last week, in honor of Valentine's Day we asked you to share your Skype love stories with us via Twitter, Facebook and our blog. Whether it was a special Skype call with a long distance boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, sister,… Read more