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Skype 5.1 for iPhone: Bringing back more of the things you love

When we released the remastered Skype for iPhone last week, we didn’t take time off to celebrate. We listened to your feedback and immediately got to work addressing your comments. Today, Skype 5.1 for iPhone introduces some of the features you wanted most: You can now delete a conversation from the recent list with a … Read more

Download Skype 5.0 for iPhone Today!

iphone redesign 3

On June 9, we announced that an update to Skype for iPhone was on the way, and today it’s time to try it out for yourself: Skype 5.0 for iPhone has arrived! We were excited to use your feedback to remaster the app around you, to help you connect with your friends and family simply … Read more

Установите Skype 5.0 для iPhone уже сегодня!

iphone redesign 3

В публикации от 10 июня мы рассказывали о разработке новой версии Skype для iPhone, и вот наступил день, когда вы можете лично оценить все преимущества Skype 5.0 для iPhone! Мы очень благодарны за ваши отзывы, которые послужили основной для переработки нашего приложения. Теперь вы можете ещё быстрее и удобнее общаться с друзьями и родственниками. Мы надеемся, вам … Read more

Skype 5.0: restyling totale per iPhone

Lo stavate aspettando, anche se non lo sapevate. iPhone entrerà presto a far parte della famiglia di app Skype completamente riscritte per dispositivi portatili, e la nuova versione è già pronta per essere provata. La nuova versione di Skype per iPhone è la più elegante di sempre. Presenta tutti i dettagli estetici che gli utenti … Read more

Skype 5.0 : une version encore meilleure pour iPhone

Vous attendiez cette mise à jour, même sans savoir que vous l’attendiez. iPhone rejoindra bientôt le club des smartphones dotés de l’appli mobile Skype repensée, et nous avons hâte que vous l’essayiez. Le nouveau Skype for iPhone est la version la plus sophistiquée. L’appli a toutes les finitions visuelles auxquelles s’attend un utilisateur d’iOS, des … Read more

Skype 5.0: Remasterizado para iPhone

Estabas esperando esta actualización, aunque no lo supieras. El iPhone se va a unir pronto al rediseño de la aplicación móvil de Skype y estamos deseando que lo pruebes. La nueva versión de Skype para el iPhone está más refinada. Tiene todo el acabado visual que los usuarios de iOS esperan, animaciones fluidas, e incluso … Read more

Skype 5.0: Remastered for iPhone

iPhone redesign

You were waiting for this, even if you didn’t know you were. iPhone will soon join the redesigned Skype mobile app club, and we can’t wait for you to try it. The new Skype for iPhone is the most refined version yet. It has all the visual finish that iOS users expect, smooth animations and … Read more

Your New Year’s Resolution: Lose Weight. Our Resolution: Lose Wait

Today we are releasing version 4.17 of Skype for iOS. Our users have been asking us to support push notifications, and we’ve worked hard to deliver. With this version, all your chat messages will now be pushed to your iPhones and iPads using Apple’s push notification network. This means we can deliver your messages in … Read more

Skype for Android 4.4とSkype for iPhone/iPad 4.13

皆さん、新しいバージョンのSkype for Android 4.4またはSkype for iPhone/iPad 4.13はもう試されましたか? バージョンアップでは以下のような改善がありました。 <Android 4.4について> P Read more

Skype Is Everywhere – Even Oktoberfest!

Last month, Munich’s famous Oktoberfest opened its doors for the 180th time. On the first weekend thousands of lassies and lads came to visit and drank more than a million liters of beer and consumed 9 whole oxen.   The Munich Beer festival counts more than six million visitors every year, but since many Oktoberfest … Read more

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