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I consigli di Skype per i fanatici del selfie

Come avete potuto leggere recentemente nel post Dove trovare persone con cui parlare su Skype, Skype è utilizzato da una grande varietà di persone a seconda delle loro esigenze. Oggi, in particolare, vogliamo focalizzarci su un gruppo specifico di persone: i fan dei selfie! Condividere foto su Windows Phone e iPhone Con i recenti aggiornamenti … Read more

Alles neu macht der Herbst – über diese Skype-Updates solltet ihr Bescheid wissen


Wir bei Skype arbeiten ständig daran, Euch die besten Erfahrungen mit den Menschen zu ermöglichen, die euch wichtig sind – egal wo und wie weit entfernt ihr voneinander seid. Deshalb gab es auch in den letzten Wochen einige Update für verschiedene Plattformen, auf die wir euch heute hinweisen wollen:   Skype 5.4 und 5.5 für … Read more

Des astuces Skype pour les fans du selfie !

Skype est utilisé par un grand nombre de gens très différents. Les gens sont également enclins à utiliser Skype de différentes façons en fonction de leurs besoins. Aujourd’hui, nous souhaitons donner des astuces à un groupe de personnes spécifiques : les fans du selfie. Il existe quelques nouvelles fonctionnalités ainsi que des bons vieux classiques … Read more

Skype 5.4 for iPhone: Host group audio calls from your iPhone

pic3 - Copy

Skype for iPhone 5.4 brings you a first for Skype on smartphones – group audio calling. We’ve been working hard to make it easy for you to host a group audio call with just one tap. How to host a group audio call For existing groups (and for new groups) we’ve placed a new call … Read more

International travel this summer? Call home with Skype

Travelling the world is a great way to spend a summer vacation. But how do you call home without costing yourself enormous sums of money on roaming fees and calling cards? Fortunately, with Skype, it’s easy. Make a free voice or video call If the person you’d like to call has a Skype account, once … Read more

How to update Skype on your mobile phone


Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella last week outlined his vision for the future of the company; he said that Microsoft is the “productivity and platform company for…the mobile first world.” He imagines the world as full of screens of all sizes, and says that every home screen on every ecosystem should have some of Microsoft’s services, … Read more

Skype 5.2 pour iPhone : le support pour la messagerie vocale et les profils est de retour !

Nous avons lu et écouté vos commentaires depuis le lancement de la nouvelle version remasterisée pour iPhone et nous avons travaillé dur pour prendre en compte vos suggestions. Avec Skype 5.1 pour iPhone, nous y avons rajouté la possibilité de supprimer une conversation, de modifier un message et de rajouter un filtre de contacts « Skype » … Read more

Skype 5.2 for iPhone: Voice Messaging Support and Profiles Are Back!

We have been reading and listening to your feedback ever since we launched the new remastered Skype for iPhone and have been hard at work incorporating your suggestions. With Skype 5.1 for iPhone we included the ability to delete a conversation, edit a message and added a “Skype”-only contact filter, to name a few. Today, … Read more

Skype 5.1 for iPhone: Bringing back more of the things you love

When we released the remastered Skype for iPhone last week, we didn’t take time off to celebrate. We listened to your feedback and immediately got to work addressing your comments. Today, Skype 5.1 for iPhone introduces some of the features you wanted most: You can now delete a conversation from the recent list with a … Read more

Download Skype 5.0 for iPhone Today!

iphone redesign 3

On June 9, we announced that an update to Skype for iPhone was on the way, and today it’s time to try it out for yourself: Skype 5.0 for iPhone has arrived! We were excited to use your feedback to remaster the app around you, to help you connect with your friends and family simply … Read more

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