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Survey predicts no respite for transport network during Games despite appetite for home working

There have been warnings for months, but today marks the first day that the true impact of the Games will be seen by London businesses and their employees. From today, up to three million extra passengers are expected to… Read more

Как работает архитектура Skype

Ниже – текст Марка Жиллета, руководителя Skype по разработке продуктов и операциям, относительно публикаций СМИ в последние несколько дней: В последние дни мы видели сообщения в средствах массовой информации, которые, как мы считаем, являются неточными и могут ввести в заблуждение… Read more

(Video) calling all small business: big savings, better collaboration

Why has desktop video conferencing been catching on in a big way in recent years, and how can it help your small business? In a recent webinar, we joined Nemertes Research in taking a look at just that: the rise… Read more

Is your home office ready for its close-up?

Most home-based business owners love the benefits: no commute, (very) flexible dress codes, mid-afternoon dog-walking breaks. But some of those pros can quickly turn to cons when you have a Skype video call with a colleague, client or business associate…. Read more

Skype in the workspace beta member shares tips on getting started

By now you may be familiar with Skype in the workspace, a new community we're building that's designed to help small businesses connect and grow. We'd like to share a post from Mark Ralphs, one of our beta users, who… Read more

Bring dispersed teams together with ongoing Skype chats

More and more often, small business owners tell us they're collaborating regularly with teams from all corners of the world. Agencies, employees and consultants working on the same project can be thousands of miles apart. Sound familiar? For growing numbers… Read more

Meetings a mess? Try the sound of silence

We've all heard the complaints: meetings take too long, involve too many people, do not produce clear decisions, and take time away from completing "real" work. That's why we're so excited to learn about Donnie Maclurcan and Janet Newbury's ingenious… Read more

D: All Things Digital Conference – The Future of Skype, Part 2

At the 10th annual D: All Things Digital Conference, I was fortunate enough to be able to chat with AllThingsD's Kara Swisher on the final day of the event where I detailed the future of Skype.

Last week, I reviewed my discussion with Kara about the growth of Skype after we joined forces with Microsoft, and talked about our commitment to recruitment and talent acquisition. In this post, I'll talk about my discussion with Kara on the product side, our vision to continue being a user-driven company and how this will all drive Skype's ultimate goal of becoming an essential tool for everyday global communications. Read more

Vacation plans? Try these tips to keep your business connected

It's summer, at last. Are you wishing for white sandy beaches, cool mountain air or faraway places, but don't see how you can get away? Indeed, the reality of today's 24/7 work life is that business owners often do need… Read more

"Письмо счастья" о Skype

Мы заметили, что в интернете циркулирует "письмо счастья", призывающее пользователей Skype не обновлять программу до самой свежей версии. Мы бы хотели заметить, что это всего лишь спам. Приводимая в письме причина не имеет никаких оснований под собой в действительности. Видеозвонки… Read more

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