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Get Closer to the Sasquatch! Festival by Adding “Sasquatch! 2015″ to Skype

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Just a few days left before Sasquatch! goes stratospheric. But if you can’t attend you can still be there in spirit, thanks to @Skype. We’ve been given access to all areas so we can take you closer with four days of exclusive, behind the scenes coverage. This includes four fan group chats that give you the … Read more

¿Trabajas desde casa? Gestiona tareas (y equipos) con Skype

El número de personas que trabajan desde casa aumenta cada día, en Estados Unidos la cifra se acerca a los 3.2 millones de personas. En esta época en la que la tecnología abarca casi todo, Skype está encantado de poder ayudarte con la gestión laboral sin importar dónde te encuentres. Está demostrado que los trabajadores … Read more

Une meilleure version de Skype sur bureau pour une expérience de tchat dynamique

Aujourd’hui, nous sommes fiers d’annoncer la nouvelle version de Skype pour Mac 7.0 ainsi que la préversion du nouveau Skype pour Windows – qui ont toutes deux été repensées pour faciliter le tchat et le partage. Si vous utilisez déjà Skype sur mobile, vous reconnaitrez certains des changements effectués. Nous avons rendu l’expérience Skype cohérente … Read more

Skype Chat notifications rebuilt around you

We all go through our days hoping our phone will buzz or beep or ring to let us know someone is thinking about us. Or something important is happening. Or OMG you have to see this video. But it can get a bit much. Especially when you have the same app running in lots of … Read more

Teaching Grandma and Grandpa to use Skype

Family means everything to Tristan Sacrey. The 17-year-old has never lived more than 10-minutes away from his maternal grandparents and has never spent more than a week away from them at a time. Last week, he made the nine-hour drive from his home outside of Toronto to start his first semester at Sault College in … Read more

Skype pour modern Windows 3.1 : éditez vos messages

La nouvelle version 3.1 de Skype pour modern Windows vous permet désormais d’éditer vos messages. Rien de plus simple : lorsque vous utilisez la messagerie instantanée, sélectionnez le texte que vous souhaitez éditer ou effacez en cliquant droit avec votre souris pour le surligner. Cliquez sur “éditer le message” pour corriger votre texte ou sur … Read more

Skype can make your long distance relationship easier


When I went away to college, back in the mists of time (they had just invented fire), I was really distraught about leaving my boyfriend behind. He and I decided to go to different schools two hours apart. We would talk for hours on the phone, drop stupid amounts of money on calling cards, and … Read more

Skype for modern Windows 3.1: now you can edit messages

Today we’re pleased to release version 3.1 of Skype for modern Windows which comes with the ability to edit messages and a few more improvements. To edit a message, select the message you want to edit or remove, by tapping on it or right clicking with your mouse to highlight the text you want to … Read more

Use Skype to parent your college student from afar


Being a parent is a life-long job. No matter whether our kids are toddlers or college students, we still have plenty of sage advice to offer. And college-aged kids – whether they’re freshmen moving into the dorms or seniors plotting their next steps – can still benefit from parental guidance. They won’t necessarily admit to … Read more

Top 7 ways to keep in touch with your college kid

Just because your college student has finally flown the nest doesn’t mean you have to give up on being part of their day-to-day lives. While studying and socializing are sure to keep their schedule packed, there are plenty of ways to touch base and shower your scholar with love and support. The following list features … Read more

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