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Cómo divertirse con los emoticonos de Skype

Los emoticonos de Skype son una excelente manera de divertirte o comunicarte de un modo diferente. Pueden utilizarse para expresar estados de ánimo, tanto si estas feliz (happy) pensando (thinking) o esperando (waiting). No existen límites para comunicarse de forma creativa con los emoticonos de Skype. Se pueden hacer concursos de adivinar títulos de películas … Read more

Because I’m (happy) – having fun with Skype emoticons

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I enjoy a bit of Skype-based tomfoolery from time to time. Everybody needs to let their hair down once in a while, even this guy: Emoticons are a great way of having some fun with Skype. You can use them to express your every mood, whether you’re (happy), … Read more

Animate le vostre conversazioni di Skype con le emoticon nascoste

Il bello di Skype è che anche le tue conversazioni testuali con gli amici lontani possono trasformarsi da noiose a divertenti grazie all’utilizzo delle emoticon. Ovviamente, non stiamo parlando delle solite faccine che utilizzate quotidianamente ormai da anni ma di quelle nascoste, capaci di venir fuori soltanto digitando determinate combinazioni di lettere e segni sulla … Read more

Les 10 films dont l’histoire aurait pu être changée par Skype

Alors que la planète entière vient juste de découvrir le Palmarès du dernier Festival de Cannes, nous avons également voulu rendre hommage au Cinéma International en révélant notre sélection des 10 Films dont l’histoire aurait été radicalement changée si Skype avait été utilisé par les protagonistes. Et oui ! Skype est LE moyen de rester … Read more

Skype spreads the spirit of Christmas to children across the UK

We recently teamed up with Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) in London to bring some Christmas magic to patients and their families who will be in the hospital during this difficult time of year. In a world’s first, a special… Read more

Your Ticket Back to Humanity

It started with a simple insight: "When did it become okay to text Mom Happy Birthday?" This question challenged us to think about the way people communicate in today's digital age. Digital tools help us share and get news faster… Read more