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Быть вместе – проще пареной репы 09-24-07

Пост, Рождество, Новый год или день рождения – прекрасные поводы собраться вместе. Семейные традиции, как и хороший ужин, приобретают особую ценность, когда их можно разделить с самыми близкими людьми. Дорогие билеты, загруженность на работе или погода могут помешать нам осуществить все планы на праздники, но, к счастью, Skype всегда подстрахует вас в такой момент. Когда не за … Read more

Keeping in Touch is as Easy as Pie

Thanksgiving. Hanukkah. Kwanza. Christmas. Family traditions, like a good meal, are always better when shared. Sometimes overpriced flights, work, and weather can get in the way of holiday season sharing, but luckily we here at Skype have you covered. Skype Music Ambassador Frank Bell says that, “Cooking is a social thing, so if more people … Read more

Discover Brazil’s Culinary Secrets with Top Food Blogger

Tom le Mesurier

As a main host city for this summer’s World Cup and the site of the next Olympics, Rio de Janeiro is one the most celebrated places on the planet. That said, most people don’t actually know much about Rio beyond the clichés of beaches, bikinis, and Carnaval. Fortunately, intrepid bloggers like Tom Le Mesurier at … Read more

Identical Twins Stay Connected Through Skype Baking

All families have customs, many of which involve bringing people together through a home cooked meal. Sharing in the preparation of that meal is a way that families and friends connect and build upon tradition. But what do you do… Read more

Skype Debates: Global Cuisine

On a quest to capture some of the distinctive styles and delicious flavors from around the world, Skype has brought together an expert panel of chefs and food connoisseurs to offer their insights on global cuisine. We connected these masters… Read more