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Looking back at Claire Marshall’s fitness journey with Skype

Claire Marshall's fitness challenge with Skype

A few weeks ago beauty and lifestyle vlogger Claire Marshall embarked on a journey to a healthier lifestyle. Unlike many who try to get active and eat healthy on their own, with the help of Skype, Claire took on her #SkypeFit journey with the support of fitness experts, fans and anyone else looking to get … Read more

Kasey Potts uses Skype to promote healthy (and delicious!) cooking

Skype flex emoticon

When it comes to making health and fitness goals a reality, eating right is just as important as hitting the gym. Over the course of her #SkypeFit journey, Claire Marshall has taken on some of the toughest workout and cooking challenges. She’s about to hit the kitchen again with a little help from food blogger … Read more

Lindsey Duggan shows us the ropes (well… silks) of aerial fitness

Air Los Angeles

This year, we’ve been dedicated to helping our friends (that’s you!) make their heath goals a reality. We teamed up with vlogger Claire Marshall and got some professionals on the case to give her tips, tricks and workouts that all of you could follow at home. In her latest vlog offering, she headed down to … Read more

A simple way to inspire your workout buddies over a group video call

Skype invites

Whether you want to start a dance class, get together a book club, or even take a boxing lesson — it’s simple with Skype: just create a group chat and send a unique link to anyone you want via Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter or email. Even if they’re not in your Skype contacts or don’t … Read more

Skype and Josh Holland Welcome You to Your New Gym

Josh Holland workout

We’ve all been there and made the same excuses — you’re on a get fit mission, you’re raring to go, your adrenaline is pumping… but hmmm, on second thoughts… it’s a bit rainy outside — and it can always wait until tomorrow, can’t it? Now there’s no excuse with Skype — and especially when your … Read more

Shape Up for Summer—with Skype!


Warmer days are on the way! For folks looking to trim down or tone up, now is the time to kickstart your beach-body-ready workout. But forget that indoors-only routine, and let your home stash of DVDs continue collecting dust: we’ve found the woman who’s combining mobile tech with plenty of fitness-minded teachings. We’re assuming you’ve … Read more

7 razones para sudar con Skype

Skype Moment Maker te muestra al entrenador personal Nick Cameron, que lleva una larga experiencia en el entrenamiento personal a través de videollamadas de Skype. Aquí nos cuenta sus 7 razones más importantes de por qué la revolución del entrenamiento en tu salón, es la mejor solución. También puedes seguirle en Facebook, Twitter e Instagram   Es … Read more

7 motivi per rimettersi in forma con Skype

Nick Cameron, Personal Trainer e Skype Moment Maker, allena da diverso tempo i suoi allievi usando le videochiamate di Skype. In questa intervista, ci racconta i sette motivi che ci spingeranno a partecipare alla rivoluzione del fitness ormai in atto, direttamente dal salotto di casa. Potete mettervi in contatto con Nick anche su Facebook, Twitter e Instagram.   … Read more

7 причин, почему вам захочется привести себя в форму со Skype

Nick Cameron (3)[2]

Фитнес-тренер Ник Кэмерон уже давно принял на вооружение удаленный способ проведения тренировок: через видеозвонки Skype. Он поделился с нами своими советами по поводу того, как привести себя в форму, не выходя из гостиной, а мы решили рассказать об этом вам, ведь, по мнению Ника, за этим способом будущее!   Это легко – благодаря Skype, тренироваться … Read more

7 reasons to sweat it out over Skype


Skype Moment Maker and personal trainer Nick Cameron has been training people using Skype video calling for quite a while now. Here he tells us his top seven reasons why taking part in the fitness revolution from your living room is the way to go. You can also catch him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. … Read more

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