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Fashion gets a high tech makeover with Skype

Fashion Stylist Hillary Cooper

More and more small businesses are using Skype to reach a far wider audience beyond their geographic location. From portrait painters to beauticians, people are finding that using video calling is a great way to expand and diversify—while still maintaining a service that’s every bit as personal as a face-to-face interaction. Recently, we’ve noticed that … Read more

The dress of your dreams brought to you by Skype

Third & Loom

It’s the most important decision of the most important day, of any woman’s life. That once in a lifetime moment that simply has to be 100% perfect. Third & Loom will make all your wedding day dreams come true — in fact, whatever the occasion, they’ll help to create a designer dress online, via the … Read more

Change your life in a day – mit Skype

Bild Sophie Krueger1

Wer kennt das nicht: Der Kleiderschrank ist voll und irgendwie hat man trotzdem nichts anzuziehen. Oder das Leben hat sich, beispielsweise durch einen neuen Job, verändert, aber der Inhalt des Kleiderschranks ist immer noch der alte. Die Imageberaterin Sophie B. Krüger verspricht auf ihrer Homepage Abhilfe mit dem Slogan: Change your life in a day! … Read more

Challenge Laid Down; Challenge Met – Now You Pick the Winner

Boyfriend Jeans Blog 1

Recently we laid down a challenge to all the Skype fashionistas. Their mission? To style an outfit around a pair of boyfriend jeans, and that challenge was well and truly met. We received a dizzying amount of excellent entries and the eight semi-finalists have been selected. It’s up to you, the fashion-conscious cognoscenti, to vote … Read more

Share Your Style in the Boyfriend Jeans Challenge


When it comes to fashion, it’s easy to stay on top of the latest trends, but developing an iconic personal style is a challenge. As style icon Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” A quick Skype video call, photo share, or video message are the most efficient ways to compare … Read more

Posez vos questions à Victoria Beckham sur Skype

Vous avez toujours voulu tout savoir de la vie d’un designer de mode ? A l’occasion du Skype Collaboration Project, nous donnons la chance aux fans de poser des questions, via messagerie vidéo de Skype, à Victoria Beckham sur son parcours dans la mode et sur son investissement créatif. Vous aurez l’opportunité de voir Victoria … Read more

Victoria Beckham risponde alle domande dei suoi fan via Skype!

Avete mai desiderato scoprire com’è davvero la vita di una top fashion designer?! Per questo Skype offre a tutti i fan la possibilità di contattare Victoria Beckham tramite un videomessaggio Skype per sapere tutto della sua attività di stilista e qual’è la sua ispirazione creativa su The Skype Collaboration Project. Potrete interagire con Victoria che … Read more

Ask Victoria Beckham Your Questions on Skype

Have you ever wanted to find out what life is really like for a top fashion designer? We are giving fans the chance to ask Victoria Beckham via Skype video message about her fashion journey and her creative inspiration on The Skype Collaboration Project. You’ll be able to see Victoria answer some of your questions … Read more

‘Five years – The Victoria Beckham Fashion Story’ disponible aujourd’hui sur la page du Projet Skype Collaboration

Enfin, l’attente s’achève! Le documentaire ‘Five Years – The Victoria Beckham Fashion Story’ débute aujourd’hui sur Le Projet Skype Collaboration. Nous sommes ravis d’être en mesure de vous offrir une vision profonde et complète de la créatrice et de sa marque éponyme, comme vous ne les avez jamais vus avant. « En partageant mon histoire, … Read more

Echa un primer vistazo a ‘Five years – The Victoria Beckham Fashion Story’

Skype Collaboration Project, desde su puesta en marcha en diciembre ha contribuido a que tengas información privilegiada en diferentes áreas, a que seas parte de historias inspiradoras y a tener acceso exclusivo a la industria de la moda. Ahora vamos a compartir la historia y evolución de la exitosa empresaria y creativa profesional Victoria Beckham … Read more

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