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Atualizações de Dezembro/2015 para o Skype

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Como usar o Skype para espalhar o espírito do fim de ano O fim de ano é a época em que as pessoas querem estar com a família e os amigos, mas nem sempre é possível se reunir em pessoa. A alma do que fazemos no Skype é facilitar esse tipo de conexão, não importa … Read more

Die Skype Updates im Dezember

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Wie man Skype nutzen kann, um in Festtagslaune zu kommen Die Feiertage sind für gewöhnlich die Zeit, in der man mit der Familie und Freunden zusammenkommen möchte, doch leider ist das nicht immer möglich. Skype macht es dir leichter, in Kontakt zu bleiben, egal welches Gerät du nutzt und wo du bist, das ist unsere … Read more

How to use Skype to share holiday spirit

Skype holiday card

The holidays are a time when people want to gather with family and friends, but it’s not always easy to get together in person. At Skype, making it easier for you to stay connected when you’re apart, on whatever device you have, is at the heart of what we do. Skype wants to help you … Read more

Atualizações do mês para o Skype


Skype 6.6 para iPhone e iPad vem como detecção de números datas e endereços, além de melhorias em multitarefa Quando estamos nos nossos tablets e celulares, estamos fazendo muitas coisas ao mesmo tempo. Pesquisando lugares para ir, respondendo emails ou mandando mensagens para os amigos — nós ficamos trocando o tempo todo de aplicativos para realizar … Read more

Die Skype Updates im November


Skype 6.6 für das iPhone und iPad – jetzt mit Telefonnummer, Datum und Adresserfassung und besseres Multitasking Wenn wir unsere Smartphones und Tablets nutzen, dann meist um den Urlaub oder den Abend zu planen, um E-Mails zu schreiben oder mit Freunden in Kontakt zu bleiben – dabei wechseln wir immer wieder zwischen den verschiedenen Apps … Read more

New Mojis and emoticons! Skype chats just got even better

Skype emoticons

Lights, camera, action! It’s only been a month since we first released Mojis, but we’re delivering you new content to make Skype messages more exciting, funny and expressive than ever. If you haven’t tried Mojis for yourself yet, they are short clips from your favorite movies and TV shows that you can put directly into … Read more

Send texts from your computer with Skype

Skype SMS

In the past I’ve mentioned Skype instant messages are pretty great. You can do so much more with them than just hammer out a few words on your keyboard and hit send – there are mojis, emoticons, file sending, text formatting, timestamped quotes… The list of features goes on and on. But sometimes you can’t … Read more

How to Care for Your New TRex – Illustrated with Emoticons

Skype emoticons

It started with Ninja Cat, an inside joke among some Windows team members. Then, like any clever creature, it eventually evolved into its current form, Ninja Cat riding a TRex. Because of course it did. Now Skype is carrying the TRex torch by giving this pair the secret emoticon treatment in Skype. Got our latest … Read more

Holt euch die neuesten Mitglieder der Emoticon-Familie


Es ist wahr, was man sagt: Bilder sagen oftmals mehr als tausend Worte. Und was eure Skype-Unterhaltungen betrifft, habt ihr freie Auswahl zwischen zahlreichen Emoticons. Ab sofort bietet Skype euch noch mehr Emoticons, mit denen ihr eure Skype-Nachrichten noch liebevoller und interessanter gestalten könnt. Ganz gleich zu welchem Anlass – diese Animationen werden mit Sicherheit … Read more

Meet the Latest Members of the Emoticon Family


It’s true what they say: pictures often are worth a thousand words. And, concerning your Skype conversations, you’ve got plenty of emoticons to choose from. As of these last few days, we’re offering a few more images to sprinkle lovingly throughout your messages. Whatever the occasion, whatever your point—these animated characters are sure to help … Read more

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