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Собеседование по Skype, советы профессионалов


Поиск работы может стать настоящим стрессом, однако в наш технологический век существуют способы его если не снять, то значительно уменьшить. В этот раз мы попросили профессионалов HR поделиться  своим опытом поиска персонала в цифровой век и советами, как получить работу вашей мечты. После окончания института и позже много раз в своей жизни большинству из нас … Read more

The ultimate guide to acing a Skype job interview

Lauren Berger

College has ended. Now what? Searching for a job is ridiculously stressful. But it doesn’t have to be, especially with help from someone who’s been in your shoes. Lauren Berger, founder of and Microsoft Windows spokesperson, shares insights on job-hunting in the digital age as well as how to land the career of your … Read more

"I look forward to Mondays"

People keep asking, "What's it like to work for Skype?" Rather than doling out a general answer, we tracked down an expert, Karlheinz Wurm, to get his story. Karlheinz joined Skype in 2005 and is currently the Product Engineering Director… Read more

GroupMe Partners Up to Introduce a New Generation to Tech Jobs like QA

Today I'm excited to launch SummerQAmp, an initiative to train a new workforce in high-tech skills, specifically Quality Assurance, and help create tech jobs for American youth. Developed as a commitment to the White House's Summer Jobs+ initiative, the movement… Read more