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Who is your Everyday Hero?

Robert Downey Jr.

Send us a photo of your Everyday Hero for a chance to win a Marvel’s Iron Man 3 prize pack! Marvel’s Iron Man 3 had a special screening last week in London, and Skype was on the red carpet rubbing shoulders with the heroes of the latest blockbuster in the series – our Skype Reporter, … Read more

Nutze deine Chance – zeig dein Talent auf Simon Cowell’s neuem Kanal “The You Generation”

Castingshows im TV gibt es wie Sand am Meer. Die Einschaltquoten werden immer geringer und dennoch scheint kein Ende in Sicht. Aber mal Hand aufs Herz – kennt Ihr noch alle Gewinner der letzten Staffel von Egal-wer-sucht-egal-wen? Die wahren Talente, die, die bleiben, kommen aus einer anderen Ecke und die heißt immer öfter YouTube. Das … Read more

Make Your Big Break – Show Your Skills on Simon Cowell’s New Channel “The You Generation”


Do all of your friends say you can sing like an angel? Do your cakes and cookies make your best pals sigh with delight? Does everybody say you do an amazing impression of President Obama? Do you think that you could be the best in the world at dog training, BMX bike riding, stand-up comedy, … Read more

Celebrating World Read Aloud Day: Our Global Reading Initiative and Free Group Video Calling for Teachers

Book Club

I love to read and I love stories. I was called a bookworm as a kid, because once I cracked open a book, I just couldn’t put it down until it was done! And, now, I watch with delight when my 12 year old daughter does the same. The hairy feet of a Hobbit. The … Read more

Skype and Gaga: Highlights from The Born This Way Ball

We’ve had an exciting past few months accompanying Lady Gaga as the official partner of her world tour: The Born This Way Ball. From Stockholm to London to Barcelona, we’ve helped Little Monsters experience the show in incredible new ways: from instantly sharing their looks on our Blue Carpet with Skype Photo Share to leaving messages for Gaga in our … Read more

ロジクールからSkype対応のテレビ用カメラ「TV Cam HD」のお得なキャンペーンを開始しました!

ご自宅のテレビで簡単にSkypeのビデオ通話ができる「Logicool TV Cam HD」、みなさんもうチェックしましたか。この度ロジクールが「TV Cam HD」の購入者の方にお得なキャンペーンを開始しました。 概要:先着100名様にも Read more

教師の皆さまへ、『Santa in the Classroom』コンテスト応募受付中!$10,000分相当のテクノロジー製品、そしてサンタと話す機会がクラスに当たります!

Skypeでは、私たちの技術が世界中の生徒達に素晴らしい学習体験を提供できることを誇りに思っています。例えば、日本の気仙沼市立面瀬小学校と、ネパールにいる世界的探検家マーク・ウッド氏をSkypeビデオ通話でつなぎ環境問題について学んだり、N Read more

Getting started with Skype in the workspace

Last week we told you that Skype In the workspace opened to the public after beta launching this summer. I hope you’ve had a chance to take a look. We’re really excited by the response so far. We’re seeing even… Read more

Bringing you face-to-face with small businesses around the world: Welcome to 'Skype in the workspace'

In the world of business, one of the riskiest things you can do – but perhaps the most thrilling – is to become your own boss. Fuelled by an entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to see ideas, products and services… Read more

Contest: Show us your BOO-tiful Halloween Costume Photos

Pop quiz: what's the best part about Halloween? The candy? Spending time with friends and family? Carving pumpkins? Trick-or-treating? Parties? OK, maybe there are a few right answers to that question. For us, though, it's all about the costumes: kids… Read more

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