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Celebrating Skype's Roots in Estonia: A profile of Sten Tamkivi

We thought it would be interesting to showcase points of views from Skype offices around the world. Today, I’m pleased to share an interview with Sten Tamkivi, Director of Product Focus and Catalogue Operations for Skype. Sten is based… Read more

Making Skype calls from your Mac Address Book

We undertake a lot of user testing and recently noticed a new way that lots of you are making calls to landlines and mobiles with Skype. We thought we'd share the tip with a wider audience. If you use your… Read more


如果一張照片勝過千字,那麼一個視訊電話則可勝過百萬字。 可以看到面部表情和即時反應這些小小的細節使得對話變得更加有意義。通過Skype,大家可以通過視訊電話對話和分享。 在Skype 8歲生日之際,我們希望慶祝世界各地一億做著偉大事情的人 Read more


スカイプは、この度、モバイル向けグループチャットを提供するGroupMeを買収することを発表しました。 この買収により、マルチモード、かつ、マルチプラットフォームのコミュニケーションを世界的に展開する、というスカイプのビジョンがさらに現実的 Read more

"如果没有Skype,我的妻子大概已经离开我了" – Skype 帮助联合国难民署员工拉近关系

"如果没有Skype,我的妻子大概已经离开我了。" 一个来自苏丹南部乌韦勒的联合国难民署(UNHCR)官员Haridass Sriram的亲身体验。 "我每天都用Skype打电话给家人,幸好有Skype,我才可 Read more

Microsoft acquisirà Skype

Tony Bates, il CEO di Skype, annuncia l'acquisizione di Skype da parte di Microsoft direttamente dal blog ufficiale dell'azienda. Riportiamo di seguito il suo annuncio: "Sono entusiasta di annunciare che Skype e Microsoft hanno stipulato un accordo definitivo in base… Read more

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