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Skype Is Everywhere – Even Oktoberfest!

Last month, Munich’s famous Oktoberfest opened its doors for the 180th time. On the first weekend thousands of lassies and lads came to visit and drank more than a million liters of beer and consumed 9 whole oxen.   The Munich Beer festival counts more than six million visitors every year, but since many Oktoberfest … Read more

Getting Started on Skype for BlackBerry 10

Welcome to the wonderful world of Skype for BlackBerry 10! We’re really excited to share the great Skype for Android experience with you on these BlackBerry devices. If this is your first time using Skype on a smartphone you might appreciate a bit of a tour. To make sure you get off to the best possible … Read more

Skype maintenant disponible sur le BlackBerry Z10

Après une préversion pour le BlackBerry Q10 lancée fin avril, Skype annonce aujourd’hui sa disponibilité sur le BlackBerry Z10, pour coïncider avec le déploiement de l’OS 10.1 de BlackBerry. Désormais, partout dans le monde les utilisateurs du Z10 pourront également profiter de cette préversion de Skype sur leur appareil. Nous avons travaillé en étroite collaboration … Read more

Skype è ora disponibile per gli utenti Blackberry Z10

Alla fine di aprile abbiamo annunciato la disponibilità di Skype per il nuovo BlackBerry Q10, scaricabile direttamente da BlackBerry World. Grazie alla stretta collaborazione con il team di BlackBerry per offrire la miglior esperienza possibile, da oggi è possibile scaricare Skype anche sui nuovi dispositivi BlackBerry Z10. Con Skype per BlackBerry Z10 puoi chiamare e … Read more

Skype Now Available for BlackBerry Z10 Users

In late April we announced that Skype was available for download in a preview version for the BlackBerry Q10 from BlackBerry World. Today, as the BlackBerry 10.1 operating system starts to roll out on the BlackBerry Z10, we are happy to announce that Z10 users around the world will now be able to enjoy the preview … Read more

Skype ist ab sofort auch für BlackBerry Z10-Nutzer verfügbar!


Ende April haben wir bereits die Verfügbarkeit einer Preview-Version von Skype für BlackBerry Q10 in der BlackBerry World bekannt gegeben. Nachdem seit heute mit BlackBerry 10.1 das passende Betriebssystem auf dem BlackBerry Z10 läuft, freuen wir uns sehr, ankündigen zu dürfen, dass sich alle BlackBerry Z10-Nutzer auf der ganzen Welt  heute auf ihre eigene Preview-Version … Read more

Skype теперь доступен для владельцев Blackberry Z10

В конце апреля мы уже сообщали о выходе тестовой версии Skype, которую владельцы смартфонов BlackBerry Q10 могут загрузить из BlackBerry World. Сегодня в свет вышла новая версия 10.1 операционной системы BlackBerry для смартфонов BlackBerry Z10, а это значит, что владельцы этих устройств по всему миру теперь также смогут установить себе тестовую версию Skype. Работая в … Read more

Say Hello to Skype on BlackBerry Q10


A few weeks back, we announced that the Skype experience would soon be coming to the BlackBerry10 platform. The wait is now over! We’re delighted to tell you the Skype app is now available for download in a preview version for the BlackBerry Q10 from BlackBerry World. What can you expect? In this version, you’ll … Read more

Add a little something extra to your Skype experience this holiday season

With the Holidays just around the corner, Skype's App Directory provides more ways to connect with friends and families over Skype this holiday season. VodBurner – Video Call Recorder Is a loved one far away this holiday season? Bring them… Read more

We're partnering with Indonesia's leading mobile operator

Skype is entering into a partnership with Telkomsel to extend the Skype software beyond computers to a range of mobile handsets, so consumers can take their Skype conversations with them on the go. This partnership will change the way Indonesian… Read more

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