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Change your life in a day – mit Skype

Bild Sophie Krueger1

Wer kennt das nicht: Der Kleiderschrank ist voll und irgendwie hat man trotzdem nichts anzuziehen. Oder das Leben hat sich, beispielsweise durch einen neuen Job, verändert, aber der Inhalt des Kleiderschranks ist immer noch der alte. Die Imageberaterin Sophie B. Krüger verspricht auf ihrer Homepage Abhilfe mit dem Slogan: Change your life in a day! … Read more

2 Weeks, 5 Cities, 1 Dream Vacation – Enter to Win!

In Rerouted: a Skype travel challenge, travel blogger Mike Corey journeyed to Istanbul.  But this was no ordinary trip; he had no idea where he was headed next, and with detours to go bungee jumping in Italy, dancing in France, and scuba diving in Greece, each day was an adventure. With the help of his friends … Read more

Peace One Day and Skype Empower Youth to Rise for Peace

Guest Blogger Monique Coleman is an actress, advocate and an Education Ambassador for Peace One Day. On September 21st we celebrated the annual UN recognized International Day of Peace. People around the world came together in the name of peace to demonstrate how dialogue is a more powerful tool for resolving conflict than resorting to violence. … Read more

Meet Our Brand Ambassadors

We’re thrilled to announce our Skype Moment Makers Brand Ambassadors! After reviewing the hundreds of entries we chose these enthusiastic Skype advocates with outstanding creativity and dynamism to create innovative, groundbreaking and above all memorable moments using Skype. What’s best is you can join them and be part of the journey! Yulady– Sport Brand Ambassador … Read more