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Come on You Reds! Win A Trip to Old Trafford to See Manchester United

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We have some exciting news for all you football fans out there. Skype has teamed up with YouTube channel FullTimeDEVILS — the number one, 100% unofficial Manchester United fan’s channel — to bring you a competition that is going to take some beating. FullTimeDEVILS gives Man United supporters the latest videos, football news, transfer talk, player … Read more

ON THE LINE with VICE News: Share Your Questions on the Environment

Skype VICE News

From research and conservation to global warming and climate change, environmental issues are always front and center. In light of President Obama’s three-day tour of Alaska centered around discussing the impact of the changing climate, we’re giving you a chance to get your questions answered during this week’s episode of On The Line by sending … Read more

Imaginations Collide in The Skype Studio

Skype group video call

With school back in full swing, notebook margins are no longer safe from daydreaming doodles of millions of students. Tapping into these back to school creative juices, Skype challenged some of the most creative minds they could find to work together and bring fans’ imaginations to life. Superstar vloggers and artistic geniuses Jamie Jo Blaine … Read more

Skype Is Joining Students as They Make Their Way to College

Skype back to college

It’s that time of the year for students around the country to load up their cars and begin the journey back to college. Whether you’re arriving for your final year or coming in fresh out of high school, college is a time to make lifelong friends and define yourself. Whether you are going in full … Read more

Setting up Skype at Home Before You Head off to College

skype call

If you’re heading off to college for the first time in the next couple of weeks, there’s probably a lot on your mind. The first few weeks are a rush of new experiences, friends and classes, and the family you leave at home are going to want to hear all about it. You’re not going … Read more

Rewriting the Rules of Book Tours with Skype

Skype video call

You might remember author Nomi Eve from our 5 ways Skype can help simplify your life post. Here’s an in-depth look at how she’s using Skype to gain new readers.   Early on, author Nomi Eve learned one of the cardinal rules of book publishing: meet your readers. That’s why, in 2014, to help promote her novel Henna … Read more

It’s nearly the final whistle for The Football Republic and Skype’s Pundit Pursuit

They’re the ones who live, breathe and sleep soccer. The ones who know every detail of the offside rule. The people who think about soccer every second of every single day. And they’re also the ones who took part in our Pundit Pursuit — our search for fresh new presenters for some of YouTube’s biggest … Read more

Skype 7.11 for Mac

Today we’re pleased to release Skype 7.11 for Mac. The key fixed issue and known issue include: Fixed Issue Category Description Video Messaging Fixed an issue causing some video messages to not play back with sound. Known Issue Category Description Current Workaround Messaging Sometimes Skype crashes on quit. n/a. We are working on resolving the … Read more

Skype Helps Friends Reduce the Stigma around Mental Illness

Meet Martin Baker and Fran Houston. While living on different continents, these best friends have found a way to work together to ignite conversations and help reduce the stigma around mental illness. Here, Martin explains how they’re using Skype to do it. You can also follow their journey on their website, Facebook, and Twitter. Despite … Read more

Making School Life Easier with Skype

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Skype in the Classroom enables you to bring the entire world into your lessons through calls to experts, classes in other countries and more. But even when you’re not in the classroom, Skype has a lot of features to make school life easier. So, with a new school year coming up fast, let’s look at … Read more

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