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Say happy birthday with Ash and Skype

Skype and Ash are joining together to make birthdays even better. The brand new Say it with Skype app let's you join Ash in wishing a friend happy birthday — even sing along if you want! We are really excited… Read more

Say it with Skype and Body Language

Have you heard? Body Language is one of the bands featured in the brand new Say it with Skype app. Now you can give a special friend a group video greeting for their birthday. Better yet, the greeting will feature… Read more

Say Happy Birthday with Skype and Bowling for Soup

Send a silly, awesome happy birthday to a silly, awesome friend. Do it with the new Say it with Skype app and Bowling for Soup. We're big fans of Bowling for Soup. We just can't get enough of their relaxed… Read more

Say happy birthday with Skype and CSS

Wish a friend an exciting, hip-shaking happy birthday along with CSS. Create a group video greeting with Skype. Just choose a friend and sing, hum or even belt out "Happy Birthday" next to CSS, then share it over email or… Read more

Say it with Skype

Some of us can't remember our coolest birthday card or can only recall that card years ago with the hefty stash of cash in it. Today, Skype is adding to the way we say happy birthday on Facebook with our… Read more

Drum roll… and the winner for the Greatest Skype Moments contest is…

On October 10th we invited our Twitter followers and Skype Facebook fans to share their Greatest Skype Moments by submitting a photo or video and description to us through Facebook. Our contest ended on November 5th and we received a… Read more

Brussels gets busy supporting an open, high quality Internet

EU "Hackathon" this week brought coders and developers together to work on transparency in network quality and Internet access, and coincided with a European Parliament event on the need to protect the open Internet Skype co-sponsored a special 24-hour 'hackathon'… Read more

Skype Helps Cities Improve the Bottom Line

With few signs of improved economic recovery around the world, leaders in the United States and abroad are tackling the issues of potential debt crises and high unemployment. But these are not just problems facing nationally elected officials. City and… Read more

Variability of Video Calling Experience

From anonymous feedback that people on Skype provide us through their rating of video calls, we've put together an analysis of the varying quality and experience of Skype video calling by location. Our goal is to allow people on Skype to compare their experience with Skype video calling to that of others in the same location to determine if using a different network provider might improve their call quality. Read more

What's the world talking about?

We all love to talk and keep in touch in person and use Skype video calls. But, what has the world been talking about over the past few weeks? Read on and find out more. Kim Kardashian Whether we’re gossiping… Read more

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