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Learn how business, big and small, use Skype to save time and money

Boost your business with social media basics from expert Stephanie Schwab

Starting out on social media can be a daunting prospect for many small business owners. To get answers to some basic social media questions, we tapped Stephanie Schwab, founder and CEO of Crackerjack Marketing. A well-known expert on all things social, Stephanie runs the Social Media School in New York, where she trains businesses on how to start … Read more

Five Tips to Organize your Skype Contact List

If you’ve been using Skype for a while, it may be that your Skype contact list has become too long and unwieldy to navigate efficiently. If so, try these tips to manage your contacts more effectively. These sometimes vary between Skype running on Macs, on Windows 8, and on earlier versions of Windows, so I’ve linked to … Read more

Skype 6.1 for Windows Desktop and Outlook integration: making work easier

If you’re like us at Skype, there’s a good chance Microsoft Office is pretty integral to your workday. You likely use Outlook to send and receive emails and to keep your contacts organized and manage your calendar. That’s why I… Read more

Get the low-down on screen sharing with Skype

Skype helps people collaborate. That’s a big benefit to many small businesses, especially those with dispersed colleagues. In fact, many people tell me that screen sharing is their favorite Skype collaboration tool. I share that enthusiasm. Sharing your screen is… Read more

Three Skype tips from super user and author Jim Courtney

As I go out to local social networking events around Toronto, people often want to talk about Skype when they learn I’ve written a book called Experience Skype to the Max. I tend to find myself explaining the details of… Read more

VerbalizeIt expands through Skype in the workspace

Last summer, my colleague Shana Pearlman posted a blog about Ryan Frankel, the founder and CEO of an amazing company called VerbalizeIt. VerbalizeIt offers, among other translation services, bilingual human translators to translate real-time Skype voice calls between participants who… Read more

Retrofit counsels clients, connects employees and finds talent, all on Skype


With a new year upon us, many people are planning ways to improve in 2013. Getting in shape frequently tops the resolution list. That’s one reason why business is booming at Retrofit, a Chicago-based weight loss company that offers consultations… Read more

Best of Skype for business: Insider tricks to boost your business in 2013

Virtually all our users have their favorite ways to use Skype. To capture some of our great community knowledge, we’ve rounded up the best tips from some of our users and the team here at Skype, and thought the end… Read more

Five Tips to Customize Your Skype Settings

When someone mentions to me that they wish they could change the way Skype operates for them, one of the first things I suggest is adjusting their settings. More than once, I’ve been met with, “Oh, I didn’t know I… Read more

Five questions on recruiting talent for your business, with expert Roberta Matuson


I spent a lot of time talking with business owners at the Inc. 500 conference in October, and one topic came up continually: how can I recruit more successfully? It was clear to me that many entrepreneurs struggle to get… Read more

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