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Skype 5.5 for Windows Hotfix: video stability improvements

Today we have released a hotfix for Skype 5.5 for Windows. With this hotfix we have addressed a video calling stability issue related to calls between Skype 5.5 for Windows and few older versions of Skype for Windows and… Read more

Skype Click to Call for Windows updated

Today we have released a update to Skype's Click to Call browser plugins for Windows. Key updates for the newly released build,, are: • Support for Firefox 5 and Firefox 6 on Windows • Minor improvements to Internet Explorer,… Read more

SkypeKit Partner Spotlight: Tely Labs

Overview From the team that built SonicWALL, Generation Systems and Code Green Networks from the ground up, Tely Labs is building an innovative new business around the Skype platform. The company was founded in 2010 by Sreekanth Ravi (President… Read more

Skype Wifi for iOS

Skype WiFi, formerly known as Skype Access, has been available on all our desktop platforms. Today, we released Skype WiFi for iOS, so you can now use access public WiFi hotspots not only from your desktop but also on your… Read more

Skype 1.0 for iPad update

Today we have released Skype for iPad update. Full release notes for the newly released build, 1.0.1538, are: Fixed Issues: Chat In rare cases, a full-screen chat windows appears and the left hand navigation panel disappears. Video Black screen… Read more

Lion Support & HD Video Calls with Skype 5.3 for Mac OS X

On the heels of our recent update to Skype 5.2 for Mac OS X, we are pleased to announce that we are making even more improvements to our Mac client with the release of Skype 5.3 for Mac OS X…. Read more

Skype 5.3 for Mac

Today we have released Skype 5.3 for Mac. Key updates for the newly released build,, are: Updated contact list view New contact grid view Support for OS X Lion Minor improvements Updated contact list view Contacts are listed… Read more

Skype 2.1 for Android: More devices are now added for Video calling

Today we've released Skype 2.1 for Android. Key updates from this release ( New devices added to the list of devices officially supporting Skype Video calls Ability to Enable/Disable Video calling feature for most devices that are not listed… Read more

Skype 1.0 for iPad

Today we have released Skype for iPad. The new optimized Skype for iPad is designed to take full advantage of iPad2's dual cameras allowing users to enjoy Skype video calling with a host of other Skype applications over WiFi… Read more

Skype 5.5 for Windows hotfix

Today we've released an updated to Windows ( which includes: Resolves Skype login issue for new installations that have UDP blocked on the network Resolves video calling issue on some HP/Palm devices We recommend that everyone upgrades to the newly… Read more

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