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Update on Skype 5.x hotfix

Looking for information about the reported vulnerability in Skype for Mac 5.x? Head over to the Skype Security blog for a full update. If you are using Skype for Mac 5.x, you can get the hotfix now. Note, this vulnerability… Read more

Security Vulnerability in Mac Client Has Been Addressed

Last month, we were contacted by Pure Hacking, a group of ethical hackers in Australia, who reported what they believed to be a zero-day vulnerability in Skype for Mac 5.x. This vulnerability, which they blogged about earlier today, is related… Read more

The Ten Deadly Sins of Mobile Video Calling – Sins 9 and 10: Society

This is the third of three posts in my mini-series about mobile video calling. If you're new, you might like to take a look at the first two posts (here and here) before diving in to this one. Having already… Read more

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