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Skype’s headed to the Frendly Gathering music festival

Frendly Gathering

This summer Skype is once again joining forces with the Frendly Gathering music festival for a three-day celebration of friendship, music and nature, June 23rd–25th at Timber Ridge Resort in Windham, Vermont. Founded just a few years ago by Pro Snowboarders Danny Davis and Jack Mitrani, Frendly Gathering is growing bigger and bigger each year … Read more

Fashion gets a high tech makeover with Skype

Fashion Stylist Hillary Cooper

More and more small businesses are using Skype to reach a far wider audience beyond their geographic location. From portrait painters to beauticians, people are finding that using video calling is a great way to expand and diversify—while still maintaining a service that’s every bit as personal as a face-to-face interaction. Recently, we’ve noticed that … Read more

Skype gets to the point with International USA Fencer, Natalie Vie

Natalie Vie

Skype is increasingly being used in more and more original ways. From pet sitting to portrait painting, we’ve found people are really taking advantage of our video calls. Recently we found another ingenious use for Skype—learning the ancient art of fencing. Natalie Vie photographed by Danny Kongos Fencing dates back to the 12th century and … Read more

Skype keeps families connected this Father’s Day… and every day

Skype (call) emoticon

Most of the world will be celebrating Father’s Day this Sunday, June 19th. And if like many of us your family is scattered around the country, or even across the globe, planning family celebrations long-distance can be a challenge. Today we’d like to introduce you to Stefanie Parks, travel blogger at The Stave Diaries and … Read more

Interior design goes virtual with Skype

One of Allison’s mood boards

From dancing across time zones to teaching photography over Skype—we’ve been finding people who are using our technology in very original ways. Recently, we met Allison Harlow, founder of  CURIO Design studio, a revolutionary interior design service that operates 100% online with the help of Skype video calling. Realizing that her target markets were changing their approach … Read more

We’re teaming up with Consequence of Sound this music festival season

Music festivals

Music festival season is here and music lovers everywhere are packing up their bags, cars and RVs to see their favorite acts perform live in the summer sun. With the help of Skype, Consequence of Sound’s top music experts are embarking on the ultimate festival tour and you’re invited to tag along. To bring the … Read more

Skincare faces the future with Skype

Face the Future uses Skype for skin care consultations

Skype is all about face-to-face communication with the ones you love. In fact, since we launched, we’ve been inspired and driven to innovate and evolve our services through bringing people closer to each other, no matter where they happen to be. And lately, we’ve been amazed to read about inventive ways that people use our … Read more

We came, we saw, we loved every minute of X Games Austin 2016

Curren Caples competing in Toyota Skateboard Park Men's (Eddie Perlas / ESPN Images)

X Games Austin is officially done and dusted but we’re re-living some of the highlights. From rain to shine, the weekend was HUGE and packed with all the greatness we’ve come to expect from this annual summer event. Leticia Bufoni during practice for Skateboard Street Women’s (Photo by Eric Lars Bakke/ ESPN Images) On the … Read more

Shoot the Future: interview with content queen YesJulz

YesJulz, one of the judges of the Shoot the Future contest

A few weeks ago, Skype in Media launched the Shoot the Future contest, encouraging aspiring and professional content creators to submit creative ideas (by June 27) that incorporate the power of Skype. The winner will receive $20,000 to fund their project, as well as expert guidance from social media queen YesJulz, actor and rapper Ice-T, … Read more

Introducing the newest (and laziest) member of the Skype emoticon family

Sloth - the winner of the "Suggest an emoticon" campaign

We’ve been working really hard to bring you a very laid back way to express yourself. If you follow us on Twitter, you may have noticed our #SkypeSuggestion campaign over the past few weeks—your chance to tell us new ideas for your dream emoticon. We were overwhelmed and thrilled with the amount of suggestions you submitted. … Read more

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